Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Thoughtful Birthday Surprise

On Thursday, Josh surprised me with this note:
He later shared with me that we would be spending a weekend away in Ann Arbor.  I felt this was a thoughtful, smart, clever, and genius idea for so many reasons.
Ann Abor carries with it a lot of emotion for Josh and I all revolving around doctor's appointments.  It reminds us of statistically bad news, lots of early mornings, blood work after blood work after blood work, ultra sounds after ultra sounds after ultra sounds, and a few surgeries mixed in.  As you can see, those aren't positive memories.
For my birthday, Josh decided we should make positive memories in the city of Ann Abor.  We should go and enjoy the city.  He wanted us to experience Ann Arbor seperate from the Center for Reproductive Medicine.  He also wanted us to be able to see Ann Arbor during the day as opposed to 7:00am when we usually are around. 
How perfect :)
During the weekend, we went to the farmer's market, ate lunch at Zingerman's, walk around down town, played games, and did a lot of relaxing and exploring at our hotel. 

I'm so thankful I have such a thoughtful husband who seemed to know just what would make the perfect present.

Hoping for an amazing 29th year! :)

 We stayed at Weber Hotel, which has meaning in of itself because we pass it every single time we drive down for an appointment.  We've looked it up before and it seemed so beautiful so we've always jokes about staying there.  Our room was great.

 This is the pool area.  We spent some time here swimming, relaxing, and playing some serious games of ping pong. 

My birthday treat at Weber's Restaurant. 

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