Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Summer 2017- Highlights

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." 
-Charles Bowden

Today is the Tuesday after Labor Day, which often symbolizes the end of summer.  Although I am still in denial about this and although the actual end of summer isn't until Friday September 22nd, (also known as my BIRTHDAY), summer as I know it is over. 

The air has been cooler, my dad is in the midst of closing the pool, and people are spending more time talking about football, pumpkin-flavored things, and tailgates than they are talking about trips the beach, BBQs, and running through sprinklers.  

When I wrote about last summer, I called it the best one yet!  I meant it; I really did.  This summer, 2017, upped the ante.  WOW, was it good! 

My Hundt boys and I had SO.MUCH.FUN. 

Here are some highlights...

  •  SWIMMING: We swam a lot in my parent's pool and a TON in Lake Huron.  All three boys can swim independently with swimmies on now.  Even Carter, which I can't believe.  Nolan has been recently experimenting with holding his breath underwater and swimming while doing that.  Carter was the most expertise at jumping off the side, especially when we went and visited Josh's parents on School Section Lake.  Judah wins the prize for usually being the first one in. 

Lake Huron Swimming

    Grammy and Papa's Pool Swimming
  • INDEPENDENT PLAY: One of my favorite things I witnessed this summer was when Nolan, Judah, and Carter played independently together.  The imagination was flowing this summer!
  • COTTAGING IN CANADA: We spent two different weeks and some long weekends at my parent's cottage this year.  Boys played and played and played and played.  They couldn't get enough and we couldn't get enough watching them.  Building sandcastles, playing with trucks, feeding fish, swimming, going down to the public beach to swim in the "river," playing board games, taking walks, going to the library and playgrounds.  Pure magic.   


Trucks, trucks, more trucks


Feeding fish
  • READING: This year we joined the summer reading program as a family.  We always read a lot, but we were intentional at adding some additional reading time into our day.  We went to the library constantly to check out new books.  In fact, I think I had at least twenty books checked out at any given moment during the summer.  Also, Josh read Nolan and Judah their first chapter book.  We went to a couple of kid events at the library too, which were great. I finished about fifteen books this summer and was trying to read an eclectic mix.  Finally read some adult fiction, was still reading parenting books and teaching books with some mystery, historical and fantasy books thrown in too (all young adult ;) )   
  • PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS: The boys went to a soccer camp in the spring, had some tennis lessons, and did an art camp in the summer.  Watching them try new things and get better has been fun to watch.  Seeing their joy is even better.  
  • BIKE RIDING: Our favorite activity as a family has always been to take stroller rides.  I am sorry to say those days are a bit over because my guys want to be moving on their balance bikes now!  Those have been such a great purchase- I can't believe how fast they go! 
  • OUR YARD: A blog for another time, but our main focus, as far as house work, was our yard.  We dug up a TON of things, laid some new mulch, and fenced the place in.  Whew! A lot of work, but it's shaping up to be pretty great.
  • HUMAN TIME: Spending time with people is also a huge highlight.  The boys spending time with our cousins, playing with neighbors, seeing old friends and new friends, going out to dinners, watching parades, seeing extended family, having all my family up at the cottage, trips to the zoo or the District 5 trampoline park, or Impression 5, celebrating birthdays, holidays, and bachelorettes.  Those are all the absolute best. 

4th of July Parade

Papa, Grammy, and boys

Grandpa, Grandma, and boys
Playing at a playground 

Thank you, to all we love, who helped make this summer so fun and so special.  Thank you, especially, to my four boys. There is nowhere I'd rather be and no one I'd rather be with than all of you.