Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Hundt Baby 3 Came to be

All readers of this post should get their mind out of the gutter....  What did you expect to read about here?!?!

Just kidding!

I'm sure you are reading this post expecting to hear about medicines and shots and appointments and the discovery that through all that, we got pregnant with baby number three, but this time, our story isn't like that...

Friday August 15th, 2014:
It was a fairly typical Friday night for Josh and I.  We had gotten the boys off to bed and were getting ready for bed ourselves trying to decide whether to watch an hour-long show on Netflix like Orange is the New Black or to stick with something quicker like How I Met Your Mother.  Exciting life we lead,  I know.

Josh and I were signed up to run in a 5k/10k the following day for the St. Casimir Corn Roast.  The boys went down to bed late and terribly so we were discussing if we would ever wake them up in order to get us both to the race on time.  The verdict was that if they slept in later, I would just not run in the race; I had done several 5ks so no biggie for me.  I insisted that Josh still run in his race, a 10k, because he had never done that before. 

On a whim, I felt like I should also take a pregnancy test to help me decide if I were going to run in this race.  If I were pregnant, I wouldn't run in the race, I knew, because I'm crazy.  I don't need you to tell me that exercise is completely safe during pregnancy, I know that, I really do.  However, going through all our infertility troubles makes me feel like I should basically sit with my legs in the air for nine months while pregnant.  Walking is about the only activity I allow myself to take part in.  That's my crazy talking people, it's there, it's not going anywhere, I accept it.

I had planned on taking one in a few days anyway, so why not now?

Watching TWO lines show up on the pregnancy test gave me a shock... a complete jolt.  I showed the POSITIVE pregnancy test to Josh, who was brushing his teeth at the time, and he spit all the toothpaste out of his mouth.     

As with my other three pregnancies, after the shock, comes the tears and this one was no different.  The tears were from my worry that sets in instantly, the tears were from happiness to be once again having the honor and privilege to be pregnant, and the tears were from the overwhelming feeling of shock and joy that we had just conceived a baby all by ourselves; no medicine, no doctor's appointments, no help of any kind. 

Could this really be?!?!?  There was a lot up in the air that now completely NOT normal Friday night, but two things were certain:
1. I would not be running in that 5k the following day
2. My first stop, after the race, would be to a Sparrow lab to get my blood drawn. 

There are no words here that could ever begin to describe how crazy it is to be sitting here, writing about being pregnant on my own.  This was a hope, a dream, a wish that has been gone for like five years now.  I have long since made peace with the fact that Josh and I would need support/assistance/help in creating out family.

Did we really just do this on our own?! 

Fingers crossed, many, many prayers sent...

Monday, December 22, 2014

Back to Ann Arbor: June 18th, 2014

It's summer now.  Mostly this brings the gift of extra time and relaxation for me and a ton of play time for me to have with the boys!  WOO!!   However, this season also brings a big decision for Josh and I, which is talking seriously about baby #3...

This feels early to both Josh and I because the boys just turned one about a month ago, but if we're going to need to go down the whole fertility route again, summer is the perfect time to get that started.  I know I'm part-time now and don't work as often, but in a way that makes all the appointments that are necessary with Ann Arbor even more difficult.  If/when I have to go there on a Thursday or a Friday, I will feel terrible thinking about having to take time off away from my sixth graders when I already get so little time with them already.  In the summer, I just plain have more time.  Often, Ann Arbor needed to see me every other day; it's a big time commitment this 'trying-to-get-pregnant-with-fertility-medicine thing.' 

So, Thursday June 18th, only a week after school had gotten out, I found myself making the all too familiar drive to the U of M Center for Reproductive Medicine. 

I hadn't been there since I first found out I was pregnant with Nolan and Judah (September of 2012), but this was really like riding a bike.  All the things I always stare at on the way: the Mason water tower, Leslie High School, getting on 94 in Jackson, the Weber's Inn exit in Ann Arbor, and finally, pulling into the parking lot came back to me so vividly. 

Walking into the office was truly surreal.  The secretary recognized me right away even though it had been over 1.5 years and the waiting room was busy with people and everything came flooding back to me: all the fear, hope, excitement, nervousness, etc.  But this time, I had two beautiful babies waiting for me at home and that made my experience very different too.  I was a survivor of infertility.  My emotions were overflowing waiting to be called back.  I could feel that lump in my throat telling me that I was close to tears.  What kind of tears though, I wasn't sure...  

Meeting with my doctor was great as always.  He was so excited to hear about the twins and how everything had turned out and was so proud to hear I had birthed such big babies at 38 weeks. 

His advice for us moving forward, though, was actually a bit surprising to me....

See, I have had two period cycles all on my own in May and June.  His suggestion was for Josh and I to try on our own for a while.  Not too long he said, there's no point waiting the year they tell everyone when they first start trying to have a baby, but maybe three months.  If nothing had happened then, I would go right back on the medicine I was taking before.  This made me pause a little; it was certainly not that answer I was expecting.  I thought for sure I'd go right back on medicine and get back on this train of shots, getting blood drawn, having a million ultrasounds, worrying, and generally having the Center for Reproductive Medicine run my life and my schedule... the stuff I was now used to.

I must've looked almost a little disappointed to him because he said, "Think of it... what if you don't need us?!  What if you don't have to come to appointments, have to take any medicine, have to make this long drive?!" 

The thought of getting pregnant on my own hadn't even entered my mind...

Could that really be an option for us?!