Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Carter Pavona Hundt: Month 1

Baby Carter is one month old and what a whirlwind it has been...

What We've Learned About Carter:
Carter is a fairly laid-back kinda guy.  He can put up with a lot especially when it comes to noises or roughness from his two big brothers.  It takes quite a bit to get him upset.  I will tell you that when he does get upset, though, he escalates very quickly.  You'd better get to picking him up.  He has a pretty loud cry and also holds his breath when he gets upset. 

It was very obvious to me that Carter stayed on the inside for three more weeks; this has made him very eager to breastfeed, which has been great.  His brother needed to be supplemented with formula and we had to work pretty hard at figuring out how to do everything and Carter was pretty natural.  He is also just a chunker.  I rushed out to buy neutral newborn sized clothes this time because I had like NONE when Nolan and Judah were born and he was barely able to wear them.  He fits much more nicely into 3 month stuff.  I can also tell he has felt much "stronger" quicker being an overdue baby.  I still can't believe he was ten pounds when he was born! 

Carter has also been smiling since he was maybe two days old.. for serious.  I know smiling is supposed to be a reflex at this age and many people think it has to do with gas, but I am not buying any of that with this kid.  Him smiling when his brothers are around playing or him smiling when Mommy or Daddy says hi to him does not seem like reflex.  He really does smile all the time.  Also, I've never seen someone who gets so upset when they have gas.  This kid poops and toots more than anyone I've ever known and I can assure you, there are no smiles attached to any of that :)  Carter has also started making cooing noises too; I could just eat him up! 

Some Firsts:
  • He has kinda rolled over from his back to his front twice.  He was up on his arms pretty good making it easier, but he still did it!
  • We have successfully went to church as a family of five!  Carter has been sleeping through it, thank goodness, because it's a full time job keeping the lid on this brothers for the hour we are there :)
  • Carter went to his first wedding on 6-6-15, Josh's cousin Eileen's wedding.  He slept through that too! 
  • Carter has also been to the zoo!  We went on 6-6-15 (Thanks Mike and Eileen for the membership)
  • He has successfully peed and pooped on me more in his first month than Nolan and Judah have in two years.
What I've Learned About Being a Mom:
I almost wasn't going to include this part into my blogs with him because I suppose I'm not a "new" mom anymore.  However, Carter is certainly teaching me new things all the time.  I knew that I would love him immediately and I knew that I would feel like he was a total needed and vital member of our family right away.  These were both true.  However, the adjustment to having a newborn and two two-year olds has not been easy.  Sometimes, in my lowest and most tired moments, I feel like having three kids so close together is a recipe for disaster.  Nolan and Judah are still so so young.  They aren't good at being gentle so I can't put Carter in a swing or under a little baby gym and try to get anything done.  They still need so much from me and so much attention that I feel bad for them and Carter all at the same time.  That's been really hard.  Nolan, Judah, AND Carter have been accommodating, patient, and kind as best as they can though for which I am thankful.   

I am a control freak (this we know) and I am crazy (this we also know).  I have had a very difficult time letting Carter drive the bus when it comes to when he sleeps and when he eats.  Right now, for example, I would've thought he would be awake and have already eaten, but he is still sleeping.  So instead of taking a nap myself, I am awake writing this blog.  I try to guess what he will do all the time and I am pretty much always wrong. 

With Nolan and Judah, it was in ALL our best interests to have them on a schedule and to have them on the SAME schedule.  That actually fits much better with my personality.  I kinda knew, even when they were very little, when they would eat and when they would sleep. 

When Carter first came home from the hospital, I was given orders from the nurses at Sparrow, the lactation consultants, and my pediatrician to feed him fairly often because he had lost weight.  So I did and I drove that bus.  Even when he was just a week old, I could tell people when to come visit because I know when he wouldn't be sleeping.  After he gained 15 ounces in less than a week (a shock to us all), I was advised that I could let him be a more "on demand" eater.  I had a little trouble letting that happen :)  I got all confused, kept trying to figure him out, kept freaking out if he hadn't eaten yet, etc.  I am sitting here, now that he is over a month old, feeling much better about our nursing situation.  I am proud to say he is an "on demand" eater and I am proud to say that I am (semi) handling the fact that every day with him is a different "schedule." 

I am so in love with this little man.  He is a perfect fit for us :)