Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Carter Pavona Hundt: Month 9

I'm sorry, but I am in awe of this child and how fast time goes.  My belly still looks pregnant for goodness sake!  How can I have a nine month old already?!

What We Learned About Carter:
Carter is in the stage of 'I'm always getting new teeth' so, what we affectionately call 'bite kisses' are in full swing.  MAN! Do those ever hurt :)  Carter has six teeth now, which pretty much came all at the same time and he sure acts like he could be sprouting some more any second. 

I think there is no denying that Carter is a mama's boy so far.  He loves me and I love it.  He has been getting sad sometimes when either Josh or I might leave the room.  Like, huge tears sad.  In addition, he gets super excited when one of us (especially me) gets home.  Nolan and Judah love to run to the window in our TV room and jump up and down and yell when they see anyone's car that they know pulling up the driveway.  Carter now will crawl over and join right in the excitement by banging on the window with his cute little hand.  

Carter is extremely active. Period.  But one of his newest places to conquer and explore is the bathtub.  Just recently, we've take the miniature bath he sits in out of the tub so he can crawl around in there with his brothers.  He is everywhere in the tub so much so that he needs to take a small break from bathing with his brothers... it's been a little too dangerous in there ;) 

The more random sleep I mentioned last month has gotten better.  He sleeps through the night or wakes up only once right this second.  Getting a little extra sleep has been WONDERFUL!  We do not feel safe or comfortable with that quite yet. 

Some Firsts:

-Cruising on the furniture
-Eating solids twice a day
-baby sign language... he can sign 'more.'  We are working on 'all done' and 'please' 
-Carter can kinda say mama and dada.  He seems to say 'dada' a little more freely.  He only says 'mama' when he's whining. Ha. 

What I Learned About Being a Mom:

I can be impatient.... SHOCKER!
Juggling three kids under three isn't always easy or smooth.  Lately, it's been hard to keep up with much of anything because three things take me ALL day (almost literally): dressing, diapering, and feeding.  When I get a little stressed that it just took me almost an hour to feed everyone, for example, I need to cut myself some slack.  Everyone is alive, happy, clean, and fed.... WOOHOO. 

Cutting myself some slack is NOT one of my specialties, however.  

I am really treasuring the time I have alone with Carter after Nolan and Judah go to bed.  Josh and I get a solid thirty to forty-five minutes of just Carter time.  We can play and snuggle and laugh and I can put my full attention on JUST him.  

I also really treasure the time I have alone with Nolan and Judah while Carter is taking his morning nap.  We often will go play outside or do an art project or have some uninterrupted reading time and it's great too.