Tuesday, June 10, 2014

12 Month: Reflections

Okay, it's been a year... I. CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT. 

Things We Learned About Nolan:
Nolan's biggest accomplishment was that he learned to WALK!  The first time he took steps he took two to grab onto the couch chase lounger and he also took two to get to me.  There is nothing like a proud baby, with a smile on his face, walking towards you to come into your arms.  Love, love, LOVE! 
Nolan continues to tinker... with everything.  He gets this concentration face thing and don't even THINK about taking him away from whatever he thinks he needs to accomplish. 
I also lovingly refer to Nolan as my terrible two-year-old trapped in a one-year olds body.  He has started to have little temper tantrums; not a good luck for him :)  If something gets taken away from him, he will want to throw his body down on the ground and role around while screaming.  Thankfully, they don't last and it doesn't take much to stimulate him again, but I'm not digging these so early. 
Nolan can say, "GO!" especially if you say 'ready and set' before it.  He can also say "AhhChoo", "Ouch", "Quack quack", and "Dada" and "Mama" although he only uses the Mama when he's in extreme distress ;) 

Things We Learned About Judah:
 Judah isn't much into walking yet.  He will cruise around furniture, stand up on everything, and loves to walk if you hold his hands, but he is totally uninterested in standing on his own or taking any steps.  It is easy to see that he's observing Nolan walking (and also falling) and just like usual, Judah is taking that all in and will probably start running the first time he walks. 

This month Judah's personality blossomed a lot.  He is speaking up, laughing so much, and holding his own against his bigger brother. 

Judah LOVES Prim; I've said this before, but it just keeps being even cuter.  He chases Prim, tries to play with her, smiles and laughs when she's around.  Judah is also starting to copy Nolan a lot.  If Nolan is pounding his tray in his highchair, Judah will too.  If Nolan is having a tantrum, sometimes Judah will get upset too just because. 

Judah can say "Mama", "Dada," meow like Prim, and shake is head no.. a LOT. 

Some Firsts:
- 4-9-14~ Both boys stood up/climbed up on the couch in the basement
-4-9-14~ 1st plane ride!
-4-29-14~ Nolan took his 1st steps!
Twin Moments:
 Judah and Nolan play so great together lately.  Nolan wants every single toy Judah ever plays with and Judah laughs at SO much that Nolan does.  I'm trying to teach them to hug each other and tickle each other and that's been really cute and fun. 
Reflections on Being a Mom: 
Now that I've been the mother of two amazing boys for a year, I can say a few things.  First, this was the fastest year of my life.  Second, being Nolan and Judah's mom is better than I ever thought.  I love them more than I thought was possible, they make me smile and laugh way more often than I thought they could, I am more proud and in awe of them than I could have imagines, and I can honestly say that I have not taken a single moment for granted. 
I promised myself a long time ago, when struggling with infertility, that if I ever became a mom, I would always remember what I went through so that I could be a grateful, humble, and praise-filled mom.  I am these things.  I don't complain, I don't let milestones pass by without reflecting on what a miracle they are, and not a single day goes by where I don't thank God for blessing me with these children.  Children, that at my lowest points, I didn't think I'd ever have.