Friday, August 9, 2013

A Sample Schedule

Since Nolan and Judah have been born, lots of people ask me what our day is like.  I thought I might publish a sample of what a day in the life of the Hundt  Twins plus Mom might look like ;)

I must put a disclaimer in here....this is only the schedule as I've known it for the last few weeks.  I thought I'd better post this soon before this schedule changes!

  • Between 5:00-6:30am ~ Boys are fed
  • After feeding (6:30-7:30am)~ Try to put boys back to sleep...sometimes this goes real well and both boys sleep in their bassinets for about 2 hours.  Other times, they are in and out of sleep, other times, boys end up doing some snuggling with Mom.  Hopefully Mom can get at least another hour of sleep during this time!
  • Between 9:00-10:00am~ Boys are fed
  • After feeding~ Nolan and Judah are usually super alert during this time.  We play and lots of smiles are exchanged.  Then they are changed, we play some music, and usually read books.
  • Between 10:30-11:30am~ Boys take a 30 minute nap somewhere in there.  I try to put them in swings or cribs so that I can get something done. Usually that entails eating lunch, doing some dishes, and maybe a bit of laundry or tidying of the house.  Mostly I run around trying to get things done like a crazy person until they wake up :) 
  • Between 12:00-12:30pm~ Boys are fed
  • After feeding~  Often times we play a little, do tummy time, they are changed, and then we go for stroller rides.  If the day is beautiful and not too cold or hot, we may be on a walk for almost an hour.  If the weather is hot especially, we'll go on like a 20 minute stroller ride.  Boys sleep a lot of the stroller ride. 
  • Between 3:30-4:30pm~ Boys are fed
  • After feeding~ they are changed, we play, and get excited about Dad coming home from work ;)
  • Between 6:00 and 6:30pm~ Josh and I try to cook and eat dinner.  This often time involves someone cooking and someone with two cranky boys.  When we eat, we have been trying to put the boys bouncy seats by the kitchen table with us so we can kinda have family dinners and so they will be more content since they're right by us ;) Boys may take very short naps while being held during this time, but rarely go down for a nap where Josh and I can be hands free.
  • Between 6:30-7:30pm~ Boys are fed.
  • **If boys eat after 8pm, we get them "ready for bed", ff not, we wait until their next feeding (between 9:00-10:30pm) to get them "ready for bed"**
  • Read for bed=fed, tiny bottle of formula to supplement, a bath (every other day), put in pajamas, wrapped in a sleep sack, some soothing music, snuggles
  • Sometime between 10:30pm and midnight~ All people in Hundt Household are sleeping!!  Josh and I are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone gets to stay sleeping until at least 5:00am

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