Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Infants + Paranoid Parents + Power Outage = Disaster!

The time was 12:30am.  We were all sleeping in the Hundt household after a lovely evening of some yummy food, a disgusting Tiger's loss, and some playtime followed by bath time and bedtime. 

Josh and I awoke to a strange beeping noise coming from one of the Angel Care Monitors.  It was a noise we'd never heard before.  We panic every time we hear a beep from there because it could be telling us that one of our children isn't moving/breathing so this noise got the very same reaction.  We were bolt upright in a matter of seconds. 

Josh went in to the twins' bedroom to check things out.  Both boys were fine!  However, Nolan's nursery monitor had a red light on it, a light we'd never seen.  Josh fiddled, faddled, screwed and unscrewed, turned on and turned off to no avail.  Something was wrong with that thing and we didn't know what. 

It was my turn to investigate.  How hard could this be? I thought to myself.  I had put these things together and read the manual a million times. Josh must've just been tired I assumed.  So I gazed at it, tapped it, turned it off, turned it on also to no avail.  After fifteen minutes between the both of us, I finally got what was happening.  Our power was out...DUH! 

In our tired stupor neither one of us realized that there were no night lights, no fans, no clocks, and that the house was completely and eerily still. 

Now that we had our answer, we knew the backup batteries must be dead on Nolan's monitor.  So while trying NOT to stir any babies, we fixed that and called Consumer's Energy to figure out an electric pole had lit on fire on Holt Road and that our power would most likely be out all night long.

You'd think that any self respecting sleep deprived parent would go directly back to bed and hit the pillow and be out, but not no no :) 

Even though we didn't speak or move, both of us stayed awake. Both of us undoubtedly worrying about how this power outage might screw up our night somehow.  We were both visualizing Judah and Nolan waking up, both assuming the other monitor would run out of its batteries in no time, both fretting that when the power came back on, the noise of the fan restarting or the light from the night light would surely wake the boys, both knowing that we would might never sleep again.  Yes, dramatic, but also yes, true!

My point with this post is that Josh and I are phenomenal with the day to day.  We've got a schedule that we and the kids can predict.  We've got great routines in place.  If the day goes as normal, it's fabulous and dang near perfect.  But both of us waver on the edge.  If one thing messes up, if one thing sets our schedule into disarray, we can turn into disasters. 

And by we, I mean Josh and I (and let's be serious, especially me)...NOT Nolan and Judah. 

As usual, they handle changes, mishaps, tweeks in their schedule, and mistakes so much better than Josh and me do.

As the night wore on, Judah's monitor did run out of its back up battery life, Nolan did wake up and need to be attended to for about 1.5 hours off and on, and Josh and I, at around 3:30 or 4am, did eventually get back to sleep.  When will I ever take a page from my boys' book and roll with the punches?  On second thought, when have I ever rolled with any punches anyway?  *sigh* the life of a worrier. 

Thankfully, we all survived our first power outage!  VICTORY!   

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