Friday, March 7, 2014

Tiny Moments This Holiday Season

**I am posting this blog super late; it kinda got lost in the shuffle :) **

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year'shave come and gone!  This year, everything about the holidays is magnified by two precious boys.

The trickiness of coordinating schedules is magnified now that I have children who thrive on a predictable schedule that includes a morning and afternoon nap.  The amount of  stuff brought to both Josh and my parents' houses is magnified now that diapers, toys, baby food, blankets, car seats, etc etc have entered the mix.  The trouble of finding time to research, bake, and cook new recipes is magnified now that I have mobile boys who need attention.

More importantly though, the amount of love is magnified!  Nolan and Judah have two sets of grandparents plus four aunts and an uncle and countless other family and friends to love all over them during this holiday season.

I, as a mom, have been paying such close attention to all the small moments during this time so far.  I am constantly on the verge of happy tears so overwhelmed with how special this time of year is and how thankful that I am spending these holidays with two children.  Here are just a sampling of the tiny moments that have made my heart swell up so so big...

  • Nolan and Judah sitting in high chairs and/or bouncy seats at the Thanksgiving table of both our families.

  • Taking each child outside to experience their first snow fall.
  • Planning traditions during advent and Christmas.
  • Dressing Nolan and Judah up in first Thanksgiving shirts, and onesies about Santa and Christmas.
  • Taking the boys to visit Santa

  • Seeing the boys faces when we turned on our outside Christmas lights.
  • Putting ornaments on our Christmas trees.

  • Figuring out what to get the boys for Christmas.
  • Making a family Christmas card. 
  • Listening to Christmas music during the day while Nolan crawls around and Judah scoots and rocks back and forth, back and forth (he's almost ready!)

  • Reading books to the boys about Christmas and the birth of Jesus.
  • Opening up our advent calendar each day. 
  • Sitting them in their Bumbos to "help" open up their Christmas gifts.

  • Watching them play with toys that Josh and I had picked individually for each boy and feeling triumphant knowing we picked winners.
  • Snuggling my boys New Year's Eve thinking about how good 2013 was to us

I loved many of these moments for many years, but this year is different; so much more special and precious.  When Nolan and Judah see something for the first time, it's like I'm seeing it for the first time too. 

They are growing up so fast and I try hard to soak everything in and take pictures (real or in my head) of each little thing in hopes I will never never forget them.

These tiny moments are what I had been praying for, wishing for, hoping for and they have FAR FAR FAR exceeded my expectations-just like everything else about being a mom has.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the Hundts! :)

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