Monday, April 6, 2015

How We Told Family About Starfish Baby

Back in August/September/October 2014
This baby is so special since we were able to conceive of him/her on our own.  This gave us some freedom we didn't have before because people didn't really know we were trying.  This also gave us the gift of being able to tell people how/when we wanted since people weren't asking and checking in with us.  Here's the low-down of what we did...

How we told my mom:
-On the phone --> not special necessarily,  but I couldn't keep that secret in long; someone has to be around to listen to me worry incessantly besides Josh :)  I told her reasons why I decided not to go running and the pregnancy was the last thing I mentioned, which totally caught her off guard!

How we told my dad:
-I wrote it on the memo line of a check I was writing to him at the end of August.  He didn't have his glasses so he made me read it out loud to him.

How we told my sisters:
-I found out I was pregnant right around the whole Ice Bucket Challenge craze.  I challenged my sisters to do it and told them there would be a reward for whoever did it first and a reward for whoever did it best.  Fortunately for my sister, Laura, she was the only one who did it so she was able to get BOTH rewards.  One reward was a picture frame saying "I love my aunt" with a picture of the boys in it.  The other, inside a card congratulating her, was our announcement that we were pregnant and we also gave her the permission to tell Colleen and Rachel too, which she did, right after she read it! 

How we told Josh's parents:
-We wrote the announcement in Josh's dad's birthday card.  He got to learn about it first AND also be the one to tell Josh's mom, which he did, right after he read it!

How we told Jessica:
-For Josh's sister, we capitalized on an opportunity when she was going to be there when the boys woke up from a nap.  We had Judah draw a picture and we wrote a note inside saying that he, as her godson, wanted her to be the first to know from him that he was going to be a big brother (Nolan was already a big brother of course, by two minutes).  The note was taped to his Pack-N-Play so she got to see it when she went to pick him up.

How we told Lance and Megan:
-While they were over one day hanging out and playing with the boys, Josh sent them a picture of an ultrasound on their phones.  They both got the text message and were confused, but then very excited! 

It was really fun to individualize things and be able to take advantage of opportunities to tell people when they presented themselves. 

SIDEBAR --> Josh's dad asked me if I was pregnant RIGHT at the beginning of August and my mom had a feeling that I was too right around that time.  I wasn't, but they were only a couple of weeks off.  They both have some crazy 6th sense with these things.

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