Saturday, November 16, 2013

Before 10am on a Saturday

I continue to be in amazement of how little time I waste now-a-days.  Today is an example of what I could consider to be a typical, normal Saturday for our family.  Here's a window into all that was accomplished by just me (Josh could fill an entire other list) before 10am (in no particular order):

  • woke up
  • changed two diapers
  • put Nolan into his second, and then his third outfit of the day
  • fed babies
  • ate breakfast
  • played with babies
  • went to school to clean, work, catch up, email, make copies, etc for an hour
  • drove to school and back
  • made a phone call
  • wrapped birthday presents
  • changed twice (into running clothes, into clothes for the day)
  • ran a 5k
  • stretched
  • showered
  • painted my toe nails
  • watched a bit of TV
  • wrote this blog
AHHHH Saturdays...

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