Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Tree Complex

Sunday November 17th, the weather was crazy!  It was in the upper 60s with a lot of rain, thunder, lightning, chance of tornadoes, and very very high winds.  We had a normal Sunday, which included a visit to my parent's house for dinner.  When we returned home, after dodging (both successfully and unsuccessfully) fallen branches, limbs, and whole trees on our way home, we surveyed our house to make sure everything was fine.  All seemed well until I opened up the curtains to our deck.  There, hanging all over the place, were pieces of my favorite tree.  Josh went out with a flashlight to see if maybe some branches fell or if it was worse.  He found out it was indeed worse.  The tree trunk was split and the tree was completely destroyed. 

We were thankful it didn't hit the house, thankful we had power (because many around us didn't), and thankful there was no other damage.  However, tears still rolled down my cheek as I mourned the the loss.  It was special, this tree. 

I had taken every single one of my belly bump pictures by that tree...something that I waited for almost three years to be able to do.  Every single one of those pictures was important and memorable and had meant that we (the babies and me) had made it through another week. 

It turns beautiful in the fall and even more gorgeous in the spring with white small flowers.  So through the winter, my belly and I happily froze our butts off taking pictures in 0 degree weather because I loved that tree so much.  I couldn't wait to have a huge belly taking pictures out there in the spring before the twins were born. 
Fall beauty
One week before my boys were born!
In our basement, I have framed photos of that tree and its blooms in spring. 

That tree is also where we took some of our first family pictures with the boys as little as one week old. 
Family Photo: Nolan and Judah are 1 week old
It shielded our view from our next door neighbor's broken above ground pool that hasn't been fixed or removed in at least five years. 
Can you see a disgusting broken above-ground pool?! No!

As I mourned the tree, Josh put together something I had never thought of before.  This was not the first time a tree I loved was destroyed.  In fact, that has been going one since I was younger. 

It all started when my dad cut down my favorite tree in middle school to make room for an extra garage stall.  I used to read under that tree and again, it bloomed beautifully in spring with pink blossoms and a wonderful smell.  I cried then too.

Last fall, my beloved willow tree from my cottage was destroyed in the same crazy weather that brought the Northeast Hurricane Sandy.  That tree was home to many pictures and special moments and also is framed in our bedroom.  I took a picture of it in all four seasons. 

Summer 2010: Josh and me with the willow and Lake
The Willow adds beauty to an outdoor dining experience :)
I guess any tree I love is doomed :(  Good thing I'm a Camera Nazi so I can always see those trees at their most beautiful. 

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