Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's up with Nolan and Judah: 18-21 months

The very shot number of blogs I've published lately have been all about the new pregnancy, which is totally NOT fair to my precious, growing, smart boys :)  In case you were wondering, I wanted to give you an update on what's been going on with them...

First of all, both of them love to say prayers, get into things they shouldn't, and generally 'destroy' our house on a daily basis.  They are also very sweet with my belly and touch it and kiss it and say hi to the 'baby.' 

As I write this, Nolan and Judah should be napping.  However, I am hearing Judah make noise in his monitor after he's only been asleep for about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is NOT an acceptable nap.  This is kinda perfect in a way, because Judah's sleeping has been very special over these last few months.  We may just need to accept that he's an early riser... sometimes even in the 5s (Ugh).  He will go through stretches of waking up early, not taking great naps, and taking a while to fall asleep and then he'll go through stretches of sleeping great.  Both are always for several days in a row.  He went through a nasty sleep regression around 19 months where we couldn't figure him out at all and it was driving us crazy.  I'm sure it was driving Nolan even more crazy, who MUST get his beauty rest. 

Other things about Judah:
  • Judah will not laugh more loudly or deeply than when Nolan makes him laugh
  • He is my little sous chef... he loves to watch me cook and also likes to play with bowls, pots, pans, and mix things in there to pretend he's cooking
  • His stuffed animals and blanket are everything to him
  • He often prefers to "independently" read.
  • He is obsessed with Josh; when he is home, he wants to be constantly near him or held by him
  • When Judah gets hurt, he wants a 'snuggle' where he comes and puts his head on your shoulder for a bit.  Then, he's usually over it.  He is SUPER tough; he has to be with our bull (Nolan) around him. 
  • Judah thinks being told no is very funny, which has landed him in some time outs, but he's learning I think :)
  • This man loves shoes!
  • He loves to play hide and seek or "where's Judah?!"
  • He cries like someone is torturing him when he's getting his diaper changed
Judah also has lots of words in his vocabulary, but he seems to be that kind of person that chooses them carefully.

Some of Judah's favorite things to do are take baths, snuggle with stuffed animals, walk around the house with big people shoes on, "cook," break closet doors, climb on chairs, shake TVs, build things with big blocks, "clean" the house, find things we've been looking for or that have been lost for a while, laugh at anything Nolan does, read books, press buttons, run away from you when it's time to go in a high chair, go down stairs, or get ready to leave the house. 
Can't get my head through!

A master with a fork!

That sums him up perfect: mostly naked, climbing on something, and yelling

Too cute, I can't!

"Grocery shopping"

My first born is just as demonstrative as ever and every bit a walking contradiction. 
  • He is INCREDIBLY thoughtful with people and has such a strong awareness of how others are feeling, but at the same time, doesn't think AT ALL before he makes decisions.
  • He is a walking accident, running into doors, corners, falling over anything on the floor (because he is never looking where he is walking), and takes those all in stride, but the second something upsets him, it takes him FOREVER to get over it.
  • He craves routine and structure, but finger paints like he has no control over his hands.  His art is unstructured, messy, and all mixed together, which is not at all what he likes his daily life to be.
  • He will tinker with things (doorknobs, tools, puzzles) with such determination and focus, but can get frustrated early and give up quickly if he doesn't master things right away.
  • He is a daredevil and a complete scardy-cat in one package... you figure that one out :)
Nolan also has these precious quirks that I LOVE!  If he knows a door is open that is supposed to be shut, he MUST shut it.  It bothers him if our bedtime music is still on when we start reading books.  When he plays with blocks, he likes to make towers that are all the same shapes and all the same color. 

He LOVES Judah... just LOVES him.  He wants to hug him and kiss him.

He also LOVES to talk and will copy cat just about anything you say.  He especially likes to try and say big words. 

He experiences every single emotion deeply. 

His favorite activities are to read books (that is #1), take baths, go outside, un baby proof things in our house, climb on chairs, play with anything he 'shouldn't', pretend to be on the phone, play with those giant-sized legos, make Judah laugh, say animal sounds, and did I mention, climb?!

Outside and loving it, of course!
"Helping" me make dinner
One of his favorite faces to make
Nothing better for him than a good book #GeniusHour


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