Sunday, July 5, 2015

Carter Pavona Hundt: Month 2

I'm sitting here watching little Carter Baby sleep and am in awe and in love.  Two months with this guy has been great!

What We Learned About Carter Pavona
He often seems so much older than he really is.  His head control is amazing, his smiling and iteracting are off the charts, and he is  What a chubby little Michelin Man- as he is often called. 

This month, we really got back into the groove of using reusable diapers, which Carter was peeing and pooping through day after day.  He pees and poops A LOT.  We adjusted how many snaps we were snapping and how many or how big the inserts were in his diapers and I think we've finally figured it out. 

Carter continues to be pretty laid back.  Judah is more that way also.  Both are breaths of fresh air in our house since Josh, Nolan, and I (especially me probably) are NOT what someone would call 'laid back.'  If Carter is around people, he is usually pretty happy.  He does not like to be left alone and usually cries very quickly if he is left in a room by himself or if he isn't able to see anyone. 

For someone who loves to be held so he can lay on his tummy, he is not necessarily a fan of 'tummy time.'  He usually struggles for a while, cries really hard, and then goes to sleep.  We are still working on having that be a practice time, not a sleepy time. 

He is well into 3 month clothes and has been that way for a while.  I'm just washing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes so I can be ready.  He is a chunker; simple as that. 

Some Firsts:
June 6th: First wedding--> He went to Josh's cousin Eileen's ceremony and slept through the whole thing.
Night of June 28th --> Slept from about 11-6... I know it won't happen every day, but I certainly did NOT complain :)
June 29th, 30th --> I had a work training so I was away from him for full days

What I Learned About Being a Mom:
I am so much more confident in my abilities this time around.  I have felt better and more secure leaving Carter on occasion so that I can go do some things alone.  I've been to a spa opening, out to a few dinners, a wedding in Grand Haven, and a 2-day training for school.  I have done these things without freaking out.  Surprising eh?  I have a greater understanding for how to do this whole 'mom' thing. 

It is also so much less 'scary' trying to get out of the house.  Because Nolan and Judah are older and we WANT to make experiences and memories with them, it forces me to be okay with packing up everyone in the car to go places.

Something on my mind right now is how to provide good, quality one-on-one time with all three of my kids.  Carter has an advantage in this area because from when the boys go to bed around 8pm until they wake up around 7am, Carter is able to get all that time.  The middle of the night feedings have been much more bearable because I know I'm getting time alone with him to bond. I try to take advantage of time with Nolan and Judah when Carter is sleeping, but I'm still figuring out how to get one-on-one time with JUST Nolan and JUST Judah.  There are many time throughout the day where I feel like I am choosing my twins or my newborn and that's hard.  I know mom's who have more than one kid have been struggling with this since the beginning of time :) 

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