Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nolan and Judah's 2nd Birthday!

YAY! A family of five!
Nolan and Judah turned TWO on May 7th.  If you haven't done the math yet, that's a short four days after Carter was born.  It was also our first full day home with Carter from the hospital.  The day of their actual birthday, we had a lovely time as a new family of five.  Nolan and Judah ate some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we sang happy birthday, opened presents, played all day, and ended with their favorite meal- spaghetti and some dessert for dinner. 

Now, it was a little insane, but we had a birthday party for Nolan and Judah on Saturday May 9th.  Carter was 6 days old.

Waking up that Saturday morning, I wanted to smack myself for thinking of such a DUMB idea.  What were we THINKING?!? I could barely walk after my C-Section, we have a brand brand new baby, our house is a mess, and did I mention we have a brand brand new baby.  But I rallied remembering that just because these things were true did not mean my precious two-year-olds didn't deserve to see their family and get celebrated for being awesome on this earth for two whole years already! 

Thankfully, Josh and I did some planning and preparing for this moment before Carter was even born.  We had already bought all the gifts a few weeks prior, all the decorations, and figured out the food.  We had also took both our moms up on the offer to help us make some additional food since they certainly know what it's like to have a new baby at home.  THANK YOU MOMS!!!

The party ended up turning out wonderful and we were so happy to have our parents and siblings around to celebrate our big twin boys! 

Just like last year, we picked the theme surrounding one of their favorite books.  This time it was Goodnight Gorilla.  We ate some yummy subs, had great side dishes, and again the cake artist at Tom's in Okemos did a ridiculous cake for us. 

Some gift highlights were outdoor toys, bathing suits, bath toys, and some pretty cute outfits just to name a few! 

Nolan always into the books! 
Judah always wanting to "help" us do chores


Before things get too messy ;)  Yay Judah for actually using his fork when eating cake!
My beautiful, smart, funny, considerate, and kind two-year-olds who LOVE each other

There were so many times I thought I might never be a mom and here I was trying to balance a new baby and two year old twin boys celebrating their birthdays.  We are truly, certainly, and absolutely the luckiest

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