Saturday, January 30, 2016

Carter Catch-up

Because I wasn't great with my blog over the last few months, I wanted to get some things down here about Carter so they are not lost :)

AUGUST (Carter was 3 Months)
-Pavona family cottage trip
-Goes up north for Aunt Ashley's wedding
-Starts sleeping in crib

SEPTEMBER (Carter was 4 Months)
-9-3-15~ laughed out loud, like a belly laugh as I was making toot noises. He also rolled over from his stomach to back that day. 
-9-9-15~ My dad got him up from a nap and said Carter was on his back... that would've meant that he had rolled over, but no one caught it!
-9-12-15~ Caught Carter rolling over on video!
-Starts sitting in Bumbo

OCTOBER (Carter was 5 Months)
-Trip to Uncle John's
-10-31-15 was a bumblebee for Halloween

NOVEMBER (Carter was 6 Months)
-11-3-15~ has solids for first time... over this entire month, he doesn't like most of what he eats except for apples and bananas and peas (what?!) He does not like baby oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans
-11-1-15~ Moved to new house
-11-2-15~ One day before sixth months old, Carter crawled!
-First trip to Bronner's
-First Thanksgiving

DECEMBER(Carter was 7 months)
-First Christmas
Over winter break~ Carter climbs down stairs from living room onto tile floor, he also falls down basement stairs

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