Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's up With Nolan and Judah: 2.5 years old

Time goes so fast.  As I sit and watch Nolan and Judah play with each other; I still see them as infants.  I feel like I just took them home from the hospital on one hand, but also don't remember my life without them on the other hand.  They are doing, saying, and experiencing so much!!!

What's up with Nolan:
Nolan Gerard is such a paradox.  He is thoughtful, but impulsive... aware of how others are feeling, but completely unaware of what's on the floor when he walks... he has an incredible memory, but no patience to learn...wants to do everything by himself, but is more scared then ever of things like the dark or heights...

Stuff like this goes on and on with him. 

One of my favorite things about him lately is how great he is at being thankful.  My boys know to say 'please' and 'thank you' but it's about immediate small things.  Just lately, Nolan is able to say things a little more deeply like, "Thank you Mommy of making dinner."  or "Thanks for the basketball hoop, Mommy."   He says sweet things at random times and will love on you when you don't expect it. 

Nolan experiences intense emotions (apple doesn't fall far) and we've been working on helping him label what those might be.  He laughs hard, loves hard, runs hard, cries hard, etc.  When he is joyful, it will light up an entire house. When he is upset, it's a wonder our neighbors don't hear him having a tantrum.  
One of the things I'm not so keen on lately with him is how much of a showoff he is in front of other people.  When other family or friends come to visit, he acts like a completely different human- making everything into a show.  No thank you. :)


What's up with Judah:
Judah Matthew has had a vocabulary explosion over the last couple of months.  I'll be honest and admit I worry about his language development sometimes: he often won't try out words he doesn't know, he is stubborn to call things by their incorrect or more simpler name without practicing or trying out the real name, and sometimes lets Nolan talk FOR him.  His comprehension of language  incredible, which has always given me peace.  Recently, he has been more experimental of vocabulary trying out words and phrases... he is singing and reciting books and songs he knows well, and is more conversational.  It is obvious how proud these victories make him. 

Josh and I often joke that not many people know the "real" Judah.  With the exception of Nolan's recent showing off, what you see with him is what you get.  Judah is a bit more of a chameleon.  Most people find him to be incredibly calm, happy and positive and never doing anything naughty and he certainly IS all of those things.  He is also calculated... if he does something 'wrong' it was for sure on purpose.  He is often the mastermind behind ideas him and Nolan try to execute.  He can also have, what we call, "Judah days" where he tantrums a lot, wanting to be held particularly by Josh.

He is an early riser, which is fine, mostly, unless he goes through stretches where he wants to wake up before 6:00am.  When you have a newborn in the house who is still waking up at night, having someone wake up at 5:45am is just too early :) 

Both Nolan and Judah LOVE to cook, LOVE to play with Playdoh, LOVE their play kitchen, LOVE to draw, paint, color, etc. 

They have just been starting over the last few months, to play pretend a lot more, which I am enjoying so much.  They will pretend they went to work, or pretend that anything is a car to drive, or build something they will pretend is a house or garage, pretend to go grocery shopping, etc.

They love to sing and dance and still love love love to read. 

The boys enjoy the zoo, Impression 5, to help Mommy or Daddy run erands, to play ANYTHING outside, and to build things.  They like cars, puzzles, musical instruments, and Mickey Mouse.

Most importantly, they LOVE being together, watching out for one another, taking care of one another, and trying their hardest to be a gentle big brother to Carter. 


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