Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Carter Pavona Hundt: Month 11

My Bing Bong is a lot closer to a year right now than he is to 11 months.  AH blogging... I love you when I'm top of things and hate you when I'm not.  Alas, Carter is wonderful, busy, funny, happy, and growing like CRAZY!  Here's what's been going on with him...

What We Learned About Carter:
The big things going on with the Bing Bong right now are all about three things: walking, talking, and eating.

Carter took his first step this month (March 30th).  Originally, I was expecting Carter to be one of those babies that walks at nine months because of how earlier he was crawling and how much he wants to do what his big brothers are doing.  Thankfully, he slowed down just a bit.  Carter continues to balance between the way his brothers did things.  Judah would not try something until he was ready to be a master at it; Nolan would try anything at anytime whether he was ready or not.  Carter really does do both.  In reference to the walking, you can tell Carter WANT to.... he's been pulling himself up on stuff forever and wants to get where he wants to go as fast as possible.  But I can also tell he doesn't want to try walking until he knows he will have some success at it.  When he took a step this month, he freaked out maybe more than we did.  He was noticeably surprised!

Carter babbles all the time!  He can say a pretty good "mama" and "dada" but other than that, he just loves to make noise.  He does NOT get over-shadowed by his brothers in this area; he will yell sweet nothings just so you know he's there :) 

Finally, this kid... LORD he will eat anything.  He had such struggles at first with eating solids, but sheesh.  I can't GET food in his mouth fast enough.  He will basically eat anything whether he is ready to eat it or not.  He still has the same original six teeth that came in all at the same time.  He keeps acting like more are coming, but none have shown up.  I'm sure this hasn't made chewing very easy for him, but he's not seeming to let that stop him at all. 

A few other things... he is way more digging reading right now (yay!) and loves to roll balls to you.  He loves to cruise all around the house standing and holding on to things.  He loves the Tupperware drawer.

Some Firsts:
-First time really eating spaghetti
-First Easter: March 27th
-First Step: March 30th

What I Learned About Being a Mom:
For as much as I (and parents in general) give and give and give and give, I have something I'm selfish about: naptime.  I have been able to finagle things enough that all boys can be asleep at the same time for a good ninety minutes each day.  I let that time, my only alone time, dictate the way I do other things and the way our schedule goes for the day.  I will not apologize for this; I just won't.  I have three kids under three.  That is LITERALLY the only time I get anything done: grading papers, lesson planning, folding laundry, doing dishes, putting away my own clothes, blogging, updating pictures, and on the extremely rare occasion, I can even squeak in some reading time.  When my kids are awake, I work hard at being present and try hard not to allow myself to be distracted by other things so this nap time is coveted for me. 

Afternoon naps are on my mind this month because there have been times I've broken the cardinal parent rule and woken up a sleeping baby.  Carter has tried to make his morning nap be "too" long, which then messes up the afternoon nap.  So I've woken him up several times so that the afternoon nap thing can happen where everyone sleeps at the same time.  This is a selfish move on my parent.  I certainly don't want to rob my little precious baby boy of sleep he needs in the morning, but he has proven, many times, that his afternoon nap will be short and sweet if his morning one is longer.  I can't risk it. 

This move is for the greater good, people!  If I am frazzled, stressed, and anxious having gotten nothing done in my day, that's not good for anyone! 

As moms we break little rules to keep everyone as sane and happy as possible.  If mommy's not good, nothing else is going to be good either :)
What happens when you've had five helpings of spaghetti and there isn't any more for you..

I love it when all three play together!

This is the Bing Bong.

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