Monday, April 25, 2016

Feeling Extra Lucky: How Three Kids Under Three Have Almost Survived the Winter

Okay so I wrote this in February and never published it... ;)

I was terrified of this winter long before it ever arrived.  Thinking of having a newborn plus two toddlers who were going to be stuck inside a lot freaked me right out.  I knew Nolan and Judah were going to be old enough to WANT to go outside and play.  I knew Carter was going to be little enough where I wouldn't want him outside for long periods of time.  How was I ever going to combat that?!

Here we are in February and I feel lucky.  Lucky first of all that this winter had randomly not been as cold as others we've had in the last few years.  This has allowed me to go outside and play a WHOLE lot more than we might have if it was -20 with windchills like it was last winter several times.  We even went on a stroller ride, the whole family, on Christmas Eve! I also feel lucky that Nolan and Judah have been troopers and not complained or whined at all about wanting to go outside.  When we do, they are excited and they don't really ask about it otherwise.  I am also lucky to be in our new house where we have a three-seasons sunroom situation.  Again, with it being more of a mild winter, we were able to use that, at least a pretend going outside place way through November.  We've even had a few days in December and January that it was warm and sunny enough to play out there.  Most importantly, I am lucky my boys LOVE being outside.  Even if the weather wasn't great, they enjoyed doing something different and going out to play in the snow.  Winter is a hard, stir-crazy time.  I'm so glad to be seeing the light at the end of that tunnel.  HELLO SPRING!  Please come!
N and J sure LOVE making snow angels!

We made HUGE improvements this year in sledding! 

The only snowman we built: Apple

A family snowday?! YES PLEASE!

C wasn't exactly sure how he felt about snow...

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