Monday, May 30, 2016

Carter Pavona Hundt: Month 12

CARTER BING is ONE.  I can't even.  I really can't. 

I'm embarrassed to admit how many tears were shed as I put him to bed on May 2nd - his last night not being one. 

What We Learned About Carter:

Last month, I reflected on three things being important to Carter: eating, walking, and talking.  These three still remain except now he is better at all three of them...

Carter still to this day has NEVER stopped himself from eating.  It appears that he can go and go and go.  Josh or I always have to tell him 'all done.'  I fear he could totally be legitimately obese if he was in the driver's seat.  My pediatrician always tells me that infants and early toddlers don't know how to overeat, their body stops them.  Well lady, you've met your match.  The Bing Bong does not stop.  I was going to make a list of his favorite foods, but I won't even bother... it's everything.  

Carter is a walker.  He is.  As long as he can pull himself up on anything, he is off.  I can't believe how fast he is and how good he is at it.  The downfall for him is being outside.  It's a lot harder to walk in shoes and walk on grass or pavement.  He wants so badly to be able to run around like Nolan and Judah can, but he isn't there yet... he took his first step a month ago for goodness sakes.  Slow down boy, let's practise for a bit :) 

This guy is able to say some more words now besides mama and dada.  He can say: papa, meow, quack quack, ball, buh bye, Nolan, and Judah.  I love watching him try to communicate. 

I'm going to add one more thing to his list of important things: animals.  Carter loves animals.  LOVES them.  Dogs, cats, chipmunks, cows, sheep, chickens, chicks, ducks, horses, you  name it, he loves it.  We took the kids to the small animal show at MSU and he couldn't get enough.  It was all pointing and grunting trying to be moved near wherever there were animals.  I can't say the same for his brothers... Nolan was scared out of his mind at just about every animal.  Judah interacted, but kept his distance :) 

Some Firsts:
-First time to Florida (St. Augustine)!!! April 3rd-April 10th
- First time taking several steps in a row: April 20th
- First time trying cake: April 23rd (at his 1st birthday party)
- First time clapping and waving

What I Learned About Being a Mom:
When Carter was born, I had an advantage over other moms in my situation.  Because I had Nolan and Judah at the same time, I knew my heart was capable of loving another child just as much as I loved my first born (in this case my first bornS).  I loved Carter huge and I loved him immediately.  Looking back over this last year, I can barely remember him not being a part of our family.  He is such a strong important presence and I'm so thankful for that.  Twins keep a sista busy and I did have the slightest fear Carter would be overshadowed, but that is totally not the case at all.  He's got things to say, he's got things to do, and he definitely has his own unique place in our family that makes him special and important.  I have truly and whole-heartedly enjoyed getting to know him.  I'm so glad all three of my children are so different from one another... it makes things fun, exciting, and never boring. 

This month in particular, I have such an appreciation for Carter being a younger sibling.  I was the oldest, which makes my perspective different.  My sisters were chasing after me, trying to copy me, trying to do what I was doing.  Sometimes that was endearing, other times it was annoying.  Now, I watch as Carter tries SO hard to do what Nolan and Judah are doing and to play WITH them.  He is noticeably frustrated and discouraged when he can't keep up with them.  It hurts my heart to watch even though I know it is what it is.  I'm so thankful Nolan and Judah are usually kind and do pay attention to him.  They are both wonderful big brothers.  But they have their moments of wanting him to leave them alone.  I can only hope and pray ALL my children will use kindness and respect to try to achieve what they want.  I trouble shoot with Nolan and Judah often on how they could ask for their wants with care and how they could say things differently to make them nicer.  They need a lot of reminders, but they're three. 

On the flip side, when things don't go Carter's way, he screams... a lot.  So we've been working on that too ;)  I have predicted he's going to throw some gnarly tantrums in the next couple of years! 

On his birthday, May 3rd!

Bing loves the outside

One of his favorite toys, a baseball bat


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