Sunday, May 1, 2016

St. Augustine: April 3rd - April 10th

The Hundts DROVE to Florida!!! Yes, two adults, three kids under three, a double stroller, a single stroller, two Pack N Plays, and LOTS of luggage, snacks, games, books, toys were packed into our Saturn Vue.  We made it and vacation was WONDERFUL! 

The Drive:
The 18.5 hour drive (counting stops) was exactly how you might expect it to be... or better!  We left around 7pm drove for a couple of hours before stopping, stretching, and getting ready for bed.  All I kept hoping for was that people would sleep.  I knew Josh and I wouldn't much at all and I could handle that.  What I couldn't handle is having Nolan, Judah, or Carter not sleep.  Thankfully, everyone slept!  Judah slept awesome (all night basically), Carter slept great (most of the night with a couple of scared wake ups where he needed to be touched or reassured that we were all still here), and Nolan slept good (he woke up once of twice in the night and just quietly observed everything for like forty-five minutes before going back to sleep. 

We had a morning stretch and breakfast around 8am and then continued for about 4 hours until we arrived in St. Augustine! 

We sang, read, snacked, played with some toys, and I am happy to report that we only used the portable DVD players for the last ninety minutes or so.  I'd say = SUCCESS! 

The Trip:
We have been to St. Augustine once before (when Nolan and Judah were Carter's age- almost one) and we did much the same stuff... We strollered downtown, saw Flaggler college, played at the beach, splash pad, and playground, swam in the pool every day, ate some yummy food, and spent lots of time on the balcony pushing furniture around :) 

Some Highlights:
- Swimming every day... Nolan, Judah, and Carter got WAY more confident in the water.  Nolan can now swim on his own with swimmies and Judah will play independently by the steps and swim a little on his own with the swimmies.  Carter also went from hating to the pool to splashing all around.   
- Playing on the playground... N and J LOVED it.. especially Judah.
- Alligator Farm... I took Nolan and Judah to the Alligator farm where they saw huge crocodiles, alligators, turtles, and birds.
- Nolan pulling the fire alarm on our first full day.  He apologized to the firemen and thankfully everyone was super nice about it.
- Taking a walk every night or being the last people out of the pool
- Watching House of Cards with Josh after everyone went to bed


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