Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New House: One Year Later

On November 1st, 2015 our family stayed our first night in our new house in Okemos. 

Looking back, I feel so at peace with how things worked out and our decision to buy the house we did.  We are loving the subdivision, our neighbors are fantastic, and going from a ranch to having an upstairs has been a GAME CHANGER for our family. 

When we bought the house, there was something about it that felt right, but it didn't look right... yet.

Little by little, over time, we have been transforming it into really feeling like ours. 

Here is some of the work we've done.

Thankfully, we were able to own this house for one month while still living in our old house so because of that, we were able to do the bulk of the kitchen work when five people (including three kids 2.5 and under) were living there.  We re-faced the cabinets and painted them, took out the drop down ceiling and fluorescent lighting, got several new slate appliances and rearranged them, added a backsplash, redid the flooring, painted the room and got new counter tops.  Josh and his parents did the flooring and Josh has been a beast at changing the trim from oak to white (I've helped some too ;) )

We also got some new furniture for the breakfast nook.

BEFORE: Kitchen
AFTER: Kitchen

AFTER: Kitchen

BEFORE: Breakfast Nook

AFTER: Breakfast Nook

We are hoping this room will be a place to harness some of our genius: to create, to read, to pretend, to learn, to study, to play.  No TV here! :) The living room (which we call the fireplace room) got new paint, new flooring, and new d├ęcor.  Bye-bye stuffed pheasant!  And no, we haven't used this stove... yet ;) 
BEFORE: Fireplace Room
AFTER: Fireplace Room

AFTER: Fireplace Room
This room of the house has been great because it has a door to shut!  Quarantining people in one area was certainly how I survived the first few months in the house when Carter was still very little and was needing to nurse a lot.  It has also been a Godsend as Carter began getting mobile because we could shut this door and be away from stairs! This room got new paint and new furniture. 

BEFORE: Family Room

AFTER: Family Room

You'll notice only a few rooms featured here.  Even though we've been here a year, we are still continuing to change, paint, and update.  These are truly the only rooms I would consider to be basically "done."  Onward! :)

Happy one year anniversary, house.  We sure are loving you!!

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