Sunday, November 6, 2016

Why I'm #notwithhim and I'm #notwithher - What endorsement means to me

I have been politically quiet on social media outlets for many years - like since I had an 'away' message in AOL Instant Messenger.  It's not my thing to post about that.  I consider myself a knowledgeable voter and am certainly passionate about many political topics.  I don't need you to try to change my opinions over a screen and I certainly don't need to change yours that way either.   

Election day is in a couple of days and I find myself more and more disappointed... I know many of you are too.

When looking up 'endorse' on Google, it is defined as to "declare one's public approval or support of."

That word is thrown around a lot during political elections- people giving endorsements, taking away endorsements, and my favorite, people who refused to endorse a candidate at one time then choose to endorse them later. 

My vote in the booth is my endorsement of that person and I take that word very seriously. For many reasons, I will not 'endorse' either large party candidate this election year.  And for many other reasons, I will not be endorsing any popular third party candidates either.  I  just cannot.  


I will not vote for someone just to 'stop' another candidate from winning.
I will not vote for someone because he/she is a part of a political party in which I often times align myself.
I will not vote for someone because he/she is the "lesser" of two evils.
And I certainly will note for someone if I do not feel ethically or morally comfortable declaring my public support of him/her.  

What I WILL do though, is vote on Election Day.

I will vote because I know an endless list of countries who do not give their citizens a say or a voice in how their government or leadership is set up.
I will vote because my gender fought tirelessly for years to be on an equal playing field in that voting booth.
I will vote to set a good example to my three young boys of the importance of being a part of our democratic process.  
I will vote because if I don't, I am part of the problem that set up this election in first place instead of the solution.
I will vote because there ARE American citizens who are over 35 years of age that I DO endorse - that I can publicly declare my support for.  

On Election Day, I will write a name on the line- probably my mother's.  I DO endorse her: her morals, her values, her respect for life and human beings, her character.  If you know her, you would probably agree that all American citizens could use a little more Pat Pavona in their life. 


Many would certainly label my vote a 'throw away' vote. However, I can be at peace knowing I will truly endorse the candidate I will write on that line. I may not support our country's choices this election year, but I can still support the process. I hope you all choose to vote too, for whomever you endorse. 

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