Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Winter Public Apology Letter

Dear everyone we love, care about, and spend time with:

We, the Hundts, are sorry.  So very sorry.  We're sorry we haven't seen you in person.  We're sorry we haven't sat around a dinner table with you, or made a play-date.  We're sorry we never took that sledding trip, Impression 5 meet up, or invited you to come over and play in our basement.  We're sorry that we went weekends without stopping by.  We're sorry, especially to Nolan and Judah's cousins, Silesia and Harvie, that we missed milestones in your growth.  You are little and time is precious and goes quickly.  We are sorry, to all the people we love, we haven't been in your presence and that you haven't been in ours. 

We, the Hundts, have been sick.... a lot. 

It is the end of March- the first day of spring has come and gone, and less than a week ago, I was still reading a thermometer that said 103.5 from yet another battle in our house with the flu.

This winter gave us germs CONSTANTLY.  We had fevers, sinus infections, pink eye, upset stomachs, upper respiratory infections, more snot than I could have ever imagined was possible, and flus galore... over and over and over. 

When you have five people in your house, it takes a LOOOOONG time for germs to make their way around and then exit.  We would FINALLY get all healthy just in time for something else to come.  

Because of this, we weren't out and about much and we certainly were not trying to give our gems to anyone else.  It was a bit of an isolating winter. 

We were sick the entire month of January, seriously.  Carter even threw up on the way to the airport on January 31st to go to Cancun, Mexico. 

We were healthy in Mexico, go figure, and then all got sick when we got home.  Also, go figure.    

I know a lot of you knew how sick we were because we would constantly be having to apologize for it being so long since we'd seen you.  We would text- I haven't forgotten about us hanging out, we've just had a round of pink eye or I would call and say- It's been forever! I am thinking about you guys all the time, I was just in bed for two days with a gnarly fever.  You knew our situation, but that doesn't change how sad we were to be inside and at home instead of having fun with you.

We are not sorry we tried to keep our germs away from you, but we sure are sorry we haven't been there.  

We hope you can forgive us.  

We also hope that in the near future, we can be germ-free enough to make it up to you if you'll give us the chance...

Please give us the chance.  

Sincerely, with so much love,
The Hundt Family- Josh, Kristin, Nolan, Judah, and Carter 

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