Monday, March 6, 2017

Cancun, Colleen's Wedding, and Traveling With Three Little Boys

My whole adult life, I'd always wanted someone I was close with to decide to do a destination wedding.  How incredible to travel to somewhere awesome and celebrate together.  When my sister Colleen announced that her and her finance were going to plan a wedding in Cancun, Josh and I were thrilled.... FINALLY!  Then we remembered... we're parents now.  Now just parents, but parents to three kids under four.  Hmmm.... this was not exactly the destination wedding scenario I had in my mind all those years ago ;) 

However, Cancun is a special place for Josh and I.  We have visited two other times- both at some of the lowest, saddest, and most hopeless points in my life.  We first visited in the midst of our early go-rounds with fertility medicine and doctors appointments; it was a spring break get-a-way escape and was much needed.  Our second visit was the winter after losing my brother and our first miscarriage.  We were so grateful to be showing up again...with a family.

So here's the gist of how everything went down...

We packed as freaking little as possible.  Partially because we flew Spirit who charges just for wearing shoes on the plane it feels like, but mostly because Josh and I only had four hands and four arms to carry every piece of luggage and hold on to three kids in the airport.  That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for things.  Between the five of us, we checked one large suitcase, one small suitcase, and a gym bag (gym bags can be put across your shoulders and leave your hands free... score!). We also had three bags to take with us on the plane- one bag that had toys and snacks to keep us busy, one that had shoes, chargers, technology, books, etc, and one that was basically full of diapers.  Thank goodness Nolan and Judah are at least mostly potty trained, because bringing enough diapers for three kids for a week is legit.  I also brought a small thing of laundry detergent and I washed underwear, shorts, pajamas, and socks in the sink, which helped save some space in our luggage.  

I bought a Nim Nik baby carrier to wear Carter in the airport.  This carrier can hold big kids too, which was just what I needed.

On the way there, we flew with my two sisters and their boyfriends- thank God.  On the way home, we flew with my parents- again, thank God.  Wearing Carter in the airport was a huge help.  Nolan and Judah were great on the flight.  We didn't even have to get out any technology until the very end of the trip.  They played with games, stickers, and puzzles, and read books and enjoyed being up in the airplane and looking at the clouds.  Nolan's ears bothered him quite a bit.  We gave Carter Benedryl hoping that would help him nap (yes, that's right), but he didn't all asleep.  He did not like being confined to the seat when the seat belt signs were on and Josh spent a good chunk of the plane ride walking him up and down the aisle over and over.  He was in pretty good spirits though.  One of the things that kept him busy was that I put Cheerios or puffs in a pill dispenser thingy and then he had to open all the compartments to find the treats.    

On the way home, the stars were aligned and ALL THREE KIDS SLEPT for some of the flight!  Carter slept almost an hour and a half on me- I did not dare move or breath or talk to anyone. 

With the travel time to the airport, the flight, waiting in the all the lines and such- we traveled for almost 11 hours.  Whew. 
At the Detroit Airport- they have little play areas! 

We stayed at the Royalton Riveria Cancun.  It was incredibly nice, incredibly clean, and although it wasn't geared towards families and kids, they had some awesome things for kids.  Their kiddie pool was great- it was shallow, had a jungle gym in it, and water slides.  Each night from 7-8 there was entertainment for kids like a pirate show or a kid talent show.  

They were also great at having some things that were gluten free for Judah.  At every restaurant, the first question they would ask us was if any people had allergies so they could accommodate.

Our room will probably be the nicest room we will ever stay at.  It was a two-bedroom family suite with a separate master bedroom with a bathroom and then a pull-out couch living room with a wet bar and another bathroom in the other half of the hotel room.  Josh and I slept in the bedroom, Nolan and Judah shared the pull out couch, and Carter slept in a crib that we put in our bathroom.  
Room service?!?! Yes please :)

Tired Twins
The pièce de ré·sis·tance was the swim-up pool we had outside our room.  I never knew I needed that as a part of my travel, but I do. I really do.  This little pool was where we spent more of our time.  So easy to be able to go back and forth between the pool and our room to eat or use the bathroom.  Plus, it was bath-water warm.  
Our room withe swim-up pool <3


Hours and hours of play here

Everyone had a blast and with the exception of Carter pretty much not sleeping the first night, everyone napped and slept great.

We spent our mornings walking around the complex, and playing in the sand by the ocean.  
Good morning!

At the Kiddie pool


Our afternoons were primarily spent at the kiddie pool or our swim up pool and our evenings were spent exploring and swimming some more.  

Josh and I would spend our evenings reading, swimming in our pool, or taking turns going to meet up with my family.  My parents also came over a couple of nights while the boys were sleeping so we could go have a nice dinner just the two of us. 

Dinner at Grazie Italian Restaurant 

Colleen was the most beautiful, calm, serene bride.  The weather was spectacular, the view amazing, and having a smaller wedding made everything feel so intimate. 
Rooftop Wedding Ceremony

Getting ready!

My three boys were ring bearers, but Josh ended up walking down the aisle carrying Judah and a screaming Carter while Nolan walked by himself carrying a pillow with fake rings.  My precious little men were quite the hit, though, especially later on the dance floor at the reception.  
Ring bearers 

Being cute is tiring


Colleen, you were GORGEOUS
Family travel isn't easy, but when my boys are still talking about what they saw and what they did almost a month later, I know it was so worth it.  Taking the time away from work and life was worth it too.  And, having the time where all my sisters and my parents were in the same place at the same time, well there aren't even words to describe how awesome THAT is.  Cancun will always be special to us; coming back, three kids in tow, was surreal. Hasta pronto...

I love you, Cancun.... really. 

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