Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Luckiest: No Matter What!

So after a lot of gentle, and not so gentle shoving to tell my story, I surrender!

Writing and sharing about Josh and my struggle to have a baby and all that goes with it has been a strong force for while now.  The feeling to write and share has woken me up in the middle of the night, has popped in my head throughout the day, and I've gotten a lot of feedback from my post on facebook about sharing more.  I truly believe God has been leading me in that direction. 

Today I got up way too early in the morning with the feeling again so I decided to move forward.  I decided on blogspot and then it came to deciding on a name.  My students would be able to tell you that this would normally be my favorite part of the writing process.  I LOVE coming up with titles and stupid silly names for things.  When my students are writing and they have a block for a title, they run directly over to me knowing that them needing help on a title will 'make my day'.  I have names for so many things in my classroom:  Smarty Pants vocabulary (made out of pants of course) a Stop and Think (SAT) board where my quotes are, Tuesday Newsdays, etc. 

My students would be shocked at the amount of trouble this blog title gave me, but how do you convey all that this blog could be?

I thought about titling it something having to do with fertility, but my hope got in the way of that.  I don't want to always be blogging about fertility issues after all!  I saw examples all over the Internet today of people who had infertility blog titles, which  made them easy to find, but these people had gone on to have kids (praise God!) and then were blogging about birthday parties and family vacations under blog titles about infertility.  Then my passion for music made me look for lyrics or titles of songs that could fit with themes of hope, love, struggle, perseverance, etc.  I came up short.  Josh tried to help me, but still nothing.  Finally, something came to me...

Nothing: the good, bad, or ugly would be possible without the commitment Josh and I made 4.5 years ago on October 20, 2007.  Our wonderful marriage is the foundation for everything in our life.  On October 20th, we danced our first song as man and wife to "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. 

No matter what life has thrown or will throw at us, the fact that we are the two luckiest people on earth because we found each other does not change.  We are the luckiest, no matter what.

My hopes for this blog:
  • It teaches- Many people (thankfully) don't know very much about the struggle so many have to be able to have children.  I want people to be able to learn new information that may help them to be a better family member or friend to people in their life who may be going through things like Josh and I are.
  • It heals- I hope this helps people, myself included. period.  
  • It connects- I want so badly for people to be able to make connections with others through my blogs.  This infertility stuff can be SO isolating and it shouldn't be.  I hope people make comments, I hope people open up (even if it's just to me maybe) and I want people (myself included) to keep seeing that they're NOT alone.  I have chosen to put myself out there so use me!  Come to me, ask me questions, etc, etc. 
Here we go...

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