Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Europe Trip- Day 1: June 28, 2012

By Joshua Earl Hundt

After the very long queue at the airport and a delayed flight (apparently because the weather was too nice), we were pleasantly surprised to have a TV and movies to watch on the plane in addition to being fed a "delicious" dinner and continental breakfast.  The plane arrived about 20 minutes late, but that was basically the exact right time to catch the bus to our hotel. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, we had just enough time to change before meeting up with our group to do some brief sightseeing and eat dinner.  Our first stop on the trip was to see Michelangelo's sculpture of Moses at the St. Peter in Chains Church.  The sculpture and other artwork in the church were quiet thrilling while the outside of the church looked like a random building.

We ate dinner at a place that by legend is a 2000 year old bathhouse.  The most interesting thing was how good both the red and white wine were.  We met some nice people from Australia, South Africa, and the U.S.

After dinner many people went to bed at 8:30pm local time (2:30am Lansing time) Kristin and I don't believe in jet lag so we walked to Piazza del Popolo to watch Italy's Euro Cup semi-final match with 100,000 people that made the Izzone look like a group of monks that took the vow of silence.  Italy advanced to the championship in a major upset and the Romans have not stopped screaming or honking their moped horns since. 

Since we (Kristin) don't like paying for cabs and have so much pride to think we can walk across a city on our own in the dark when the roads go in no order and rarely have street names, we got to see many other fun things tonight including Piazza Republica, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese, Fountain of the Naiads, Palazzo Borghese, and Santa Maria del Popolo. 

Josh's Favorite Thing of the Day:
Being at the soccer game with that many people

Kristin's Favorite Thing of the Day:
Also the soccer game for the same reason and how much pride Italy has in their country.  Thanks Dominique for the tip to watch the soccer game there!!!

Josh's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
That street names have no order and streets have no shape in Rome.

Kristin's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
How obsessed and in love with a place you can be so quickly.  Also how confusing it is to navigate around Rome. 

Gelato Count:
Josh: 2
Kristin: 2

St. Peter in Chains

At the Colosseum

At Piazza del Popolo with 100,000 other Italian friends to watch them beat Germany in the Euro 2012


Spanish Steps
Piazza del Repubblica

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  1. St. Peter in Chains is my family's favorite church in Rome. Glad you found it!