Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Europe Trip- Day 5: July 2, 2012

By Kristin Marie

Today was our first day of literally having nothing planned from Trafalgar.  We 'slept in' today waking up around 8:00am.  After getting ready for the day and eating breakfast, we walked to the beach.  I think we were hoping to stay there for most of the day, but the beach was hot and rocky.  We also were cheap and didn't want to pay for a spot with an umbrella. 


It was important to both of us that we swam in the Mediterranean Sea so we did that (the water was warm) and then claimed a spot at our hotel pool where we swam, napped, and read.  We had a sandwich for lunch and took a much needed nap before spending a little more time at the pool. 

Pool at our hotel!

Both of us were a bit worried about dinner because Maiori is small and seemed to have touristy food.  I happened to google about restaurants in Maiori and we went to a place called DeDalo which was the #1 rated on trip advisor. 

At sunset before we ate dinner


It was important to be around the water at sunset so we did that first and then had a phenomenal dinner.  Randomly that #1 rated restaurant was the one were were going to go to anyway.  We are excited to go to bed before midnight tonight :)  God is the Amalfi Coast GORGEOUS! 

P.S.  You could order a pizza at DeDalo's that had hot dogs and french fries on it! 

Josh's Favorite Thing of the Day:
Sitting by the pool nearly all day and being the only adults to go down what turned out to be a kids only water slide. 

Kristin's Favorite Thing of the Day:
Having nothing to do.

Josh's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
How good the food at dinner was

Kristin's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
That the restaurant w were going to pick was also #1 rated in Maiori.

Gelato Count:
J: 1 (lemon)
K: 1 (squibb...AMAZING!)

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