Thursday, July 19, 2012

Europe Trip- Day 2: June 29, 2012

By Josh and Kristin 

Our feet hurt!!!! Today we woke up before 7:00am and were the first ones to breakfast :)  We did some sightseeing on our own, but Rome continues to be confusing to navigate.  The streets are tight and wind all around and they also seem to change names...a lot! 

We've seen the Piazza del Repubblica in daylight and many churches including the San Giovani and Santa Maria Maggiore. 

After about 45 minutes of deserved rest we ventured to lunch.  While our food (sandwiches) was quite tasty, we felt it was a little too American.  We had raw ham and fresh mozzarella sandwiches.  

At the Piazza del Repubblica

Just an example of what's inside all the beautiful
churches in Rome (at San Giovanni)

We then joined our tour guide and others for a walk to the Colosseum.  When we made it to the Colosseum we only had to wait 15 minutes for the tour guide to get our tickets instead of the regular 2 hours.  The amount of history in the Colosseum was astounding and we walked as high as they would allow us so we could see what the view of the games would've been for commoners like us. 




After the Colosseum, we relaxed, took a 7 minute nap, and then got ready to meet Ashley Sweeton and Luis at Trevi Fountain.  The huge amount of people at the fountain was shocking!

Trevi Fountain

I wonder what Josh and I might be wishing for...
From there we went t5o Saint Paul's Basilica, south of the city walls, for the Festival of St. Peter and St. Paul.  Unfortunately, there was no food so we had to get back on the Metro.  Fortunately, Kristin and Luis navigated us to the other side of the river to eat dinner at a restaurant with nearly all Romans and no tourists.  The food and ambiance were unprecedented.  Prior to getting to the restaurant, we saw Cicus Maximus and The Rose and Orange Garden.

Over the Tiber River

Traverste Neighborhood

One of the best meals of my entire life

After dinner we went back to the festival with a stop for gelato en route, to watch the fireworks over the river.  We considered this our St. Pter and St. Paul and 4th of July fireworks. 

After fireworks, we witnessed a verbal fight outside a McDonald's. 

Waiting for fireworks with thousands of Italians in the middle of the street

Happy St. Peter and St. Paul Day and Happy 4th of July ;)
Josh's Favorite Thing of the Day:
The dinner restaurant and the neighborhood of Traveste near the restaurant.

Kristin's Favorite Thing of the Day:
Josh took mine, again, so I'll say being able to see friends thousands of miles from home while being a part of something truly and authentically Italian. 

Josh's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
The sheer amount of people at Trevi and that there was stadium seating there.

Kristin's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
How much we say today, mostly by accident. 

Gelato Count:
Josh: 1 (strawberry)
Kristin:1 (chocolate and teramisu)

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