Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Heartfelt Compliment ;)

If anyone asks me "how do your fertility doctors show you they care?" I have a lot of answers.  I'd say that they speak to me in a way that Josh and I can understand.  I'd say that they ask about my job and personal life, and even notice when I cut 8 inches off my hair.  I would add that they are overly cautious making sure that my body and my pregnancies received the best care and that both my Real Doctor (I need to come up with a better name for him..hmmm..) and Tall Fellow are super personable, considerate, and friendly.  Recently though, I also would mention that they give "great" compliments....

So when we got back from our trip, I was hoping to be put back on medicine.  Unfortunately, my uterus seemed to look a bit "abnormal" on the ultrasound so they told me to take yet another cycle off...GRRRRR! I went back in to get a scope and had the pleasure of taking my mom to Ann Arbor with me this time instead of Josh, who had an important meeting I told him he had to go to :) 

On the drive down I briefed my mom on what she would see and who she might meet.  I told her about which people can get my blood drawn with only one poke (I have horribly terribly skinny veins that love to wiggle and move around) and who usually pokes me four times before sending me to another building.  I took her on a sightseeing tour of 127 South and 94 East and showed her highlights such as the Mason Water Tower, Leslie High School, the "bustling" streets of Jackson, and the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor.  I explained what she would see while in the doctor's office: all of the insides of my female anatomy broadcasted in color and HD on a huge screen, and finally, I told her I was hoping she'd meet my Real Doctor and Tall Fellow.

My Real Doctor did the hysteroscopy and my uterus looked completely normal, which was great news for the future.  While he was fishing around we chatted about our Europe trip and where we thought the best food was in Italy, etc and then it was finished.  My  mom enjoyed every minute. 

Upon leaving, Real Doctor said "You have a truly beautiful uterine cavity" 

We all laughed and I thanked him for saying such a nice thing about me. 

He answered with, "See?  There are compliments that only I can give you." 

He is so right.  So now, I know my doctors in Ann Arbor care about me because they give me genuine compliments.  I would've never thought, in a MILLION years, that I would be grinning ear-to-ear  and feel my self-esteem rise when someone said something nice about my uterus. Who knew a doctor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology could make you feel so good?! ;)

I hope this teaches, heals, and connects...

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