Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Europe Trip- Day 14: July 11, 2012

By Josh

WOW!  We can't believe that it is time for us to head home.  Just like the contrasts we saw throughout Europe, we are having contrasts about the end of our vacation.  We are sad to be done with the AMAZING sights and wonderful times together, but happy to see Primrose, our families, our friends, our flowers, Quality Dairy, and to have a glass of ICE COLD water. 

Our day began with an attempted departure around 8:00am, but we encountered our first rain fall of the trip and had to head back to our hotel.  During the light rain, Josh went to get a croissant, crepe, and waffle for us to share for breakfast. 

After about an hour of packing, the rain stopped and we took the subway to see Sacre Cour and Moulin Rouge.  The views from Sacre Cour were splendid.  We also saw the Montparte Cemetery and Moulin de La Galette during our time in that neighborhood, which were both hidden treasures. 

The steps we walked up to get to Sacre Cour. 
Next to the steps is a little train thing that will take you up to the top, but of course we would never take that ;)

Sacre Cour

View from Sacre Cour.  Interestingly enough, you cannot see the Eiffel Tower from here. 

Moulin Rouge...obviously
After a couple of quick sandwiches we decided it would be a better idea to walk the 7km back to the hotel instead of taking the subway.  After 1.5 hours we made it back for a well deserved nap. 

Little Champagne to celebrate our last full day in Europe
After relaxation, we went to dinner at another wonderful (Italian) restaurant.  The dinner included a strawberry tiramisu, which was out of this world!  When dinner was done, we rode the subway to see the Eiffel Tower at night, which was much more iconic than it looked during the day.  After a subway ride back that included a boom box, accordion, and puppet show (yes, we're serious) it is time for us to say Au Revoir to France and Ciao to Europe! 

Strawberry Tiramisu
Kristin's Favorite Part of the Day:
The neighborhood by Moulin de la Galette

Josh's Favorite Part of the Day:
Sacre Cour

Kristin's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
Eiffel Tower is way better at night!

Josh's Biggest Surprise of the Day:
How much better the Eiffel Tower looked at night.  

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