Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some New Endeavours

I'm a teacher.  What this brings is a great blessing we call summer.  This leaves me a lot more time than I'm used to.  The hope for the past three summers was that I could spend that extra time getting pregnant and going to whatever doctor's appointments I needed to.  I could be at the Center for Reproductive Medicine's beck and call.  Unfortunately, these past three summers have turned out to be somewhat wasteful.  I have been able to try one month out of these summers at the most.  This is annoying...period. 

I need to always be doing something to move me forward in this journey.  So this summer, I've been dabbling in two new endeavours that I thought I'd share....adoption and acupuncture. 

I checked out many books from the library about adoption and have been taking vigorous notes.  I wanted to use this summer to get knowledgeable about adoption in general because I know so little.  That way, whenever Josh and I feel it's time, we can hit the ground running.  What an eye-opening experience so far. 

I also used summer as an excuse to try acupuncture.  My friend Stacey suggested it to me a while back and one of the blogs I love reading, speaks of using acupuncture to help with fertility challenges.  If this could help me get/stay pregnant, sign me up!  I chose to go to a women in East Lansing and that 90 minute visit was enlightening.  My qi is ALL messed up and I am stressed, who knew? ;)  She ran a lot of scans on me to see how equal my acupuncture points were only to find that I had all yellow points (stressed) and one red point (way out of whack).  The red point was none other than my uterine puncture point.  DING DING DING. 

So with the addition of acupuncture to my life, I will be trying to change my diet a bit.  Based on the information she got from me and my blood type, she recommended I eat sugar of the cane and go gluten free!  GASP.  Honestly, when I'm not eating fruits, veggies, or ice cream, my main food groups are cereal, sandwiches, and pasta.  Whoops. I don't know that I can fully 100% commit to this right now.  I can't see myself not eating gluten products at a get together or a restaurant, but I am committing to make some changes in my own house in my own pantry.

I am truly willing to do whatever it takes (yes Dad, as long it's not illegal, immoral, or dangerous) to help Josh and I have a family. 

Hopefully these two new endeavours will give me a lot of knowledge, calm energy, and great blood flow.  Only time will tell!

I hope this heals, teaches, and connects...

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