Friday, June 7, 2013

First Month: Reflections

Today is my babies one month birthday!  People ask me a lot if the time seems to be going fast or slow. 

Partially, I feel as though I have never known another life than the one I have right now.  I say that happily, but I guess that might make some people think that I feel the time has gone by slow.  After almost three years of trying and one month of them being here, I cannot picture my life without them.  I have a hard time being able to visualize our house without baby stuff everywhere or the laid back nature of our schedules now that every single moment of the day is dedicated to these two amazing boys and especially when they have to eat next ;) 

Another part of me feels like I just blinked and Nolan and Judah have been here for a month.  WOW.

To capture their growth and our journey as new parents, I thought I would write down reflections each month.

Things we learned about Nolan Gerard Hundt:
Nolan, formally our Baby A, came out of the womb first.  As the doctor brought him over to show me shortly after he was born, I knew immediately based on his features that he was a Hundt.  I have now been told this about a million times...I get it, I get it, he looks like Josh :) 

At the hospital, many nurses said he is the biggest twin they have ever taken care of.  Weighing over 8 pounds, he actually had to get his blood sugar tested because he was measuring large for his gestation age.  Again, nurses said they have never have a twin be considered LGA.

Nolan is the more "high maintenance" out of our two babies.  He goes from completely asleep to irate in a matter of seconds and many times it seems as though he is doing it just for fun :) We are finding that although he looks exactly like Josh, he acts very much like me. Having been an extremely high maintenance baby myself, I fully understand and can appreciate his personality.  He has many facial expressions, many of them look like worry or surprise. My mom often says he seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.  You can tell he is having a hard time adjusting to this new world outside my womb.  He had a difficult start working for his food and seems to be sensitive to movement, sounds, light, etc.  I have a feeling he would still be inside of me if he had his preference.  Nolan is a strong baby: he grips tight, lifts his head up with gusto, has already given himself quite a scratch on his hand, and has quite a hard kick.  Although it might take him a while to fall asleep, once he does, he is down for the count.  Nolan loves music.  He calms down to slow piano melodies and lullabies or classical music, and will hipe up to songs like Venga Boys "We Like to Party."  He smiles a lot when he sleeps, but it seems like he is starting to smile more at people.  At 3 weeks and 1 day, Nolan lifted himself up while in tummy time and rolled over onto his other side.  When he is sucking or swallowing vigorously, it sounds like he's saying the word 'help' or 'milk', which makes us laugh.         

Things we learned about Judah Matthew Hundt:
While Judah, formally Baby B, was inside of me, he squirmed like crazy!  Every single time we had an ultrasound (and we had 17 of them), our baby B was in a different spot.  I made judgements about this baby, assuming he/she would be quite a pistol.  So far, I could not be more wrong :)  Although Judah was two pounds less than his brother, he was a natural at doing a lot of baby activities.  He breastfed like a champ right away and has even beat his brother in things like losing the remnants of his umbilical cord. 

Judah is a laid back baby and even his cry is adorable.  He lets out a quick cry and then gives you a frown that would melt anyone's heart.  He gets upset when he needs something and then usually, once the need is met, he is completely content again.  He can get quite upset if he wants to though, but not many have witnessed this.  Judah really likes to be held and walked around if he is fussy.  Like his time in the womb, he needs to be moving.  He does not like to feel constrained or restricted.  In fact, while I was writing this blog, Josh called me over because he was laying next to Nolan when I went in to use the computer and about ten minutes later he had scooted about a foot from his original location.  We feel like once he gets to rolling over, crawling, and walking, he will be everywhere!  Judah did a similar roll over to Nolan, but did it at 2 weeks and 2 days old.  He has also been working really hard at holding his head up.

Surprisingly, Judah often drives when both babies eat.  We think he's working hard to catch up to his big brother :)  He smiles a ton when he's sleeping. So far he's the only one we've been able to catch on camera smiling (yay Aunt Rachel).  He can get comfortable in all kinds of places and positions.   

Reflections about being a mom:
I won't get too mushy here, but I am thankful for every single second (good or bad) that I've had the pleasure of being Nolan and Judah's mom.  There have been times over this last month where I will just look at them in some quite moments when I am rocking them to sleep and cry uncontrollably out of joy. Yes, I am tired.  Yes, I am stir crazy having only left the house a handful of times in the last month.  Yes, I've had moments where I feel like I am failing as a mother.  I do not think or dwell on any of those moments though.  I am a grateful mom.  Period.  You don't go through what Josh and I did and not have a level of appreciation that I cannot describe. 
Things I can do that I never thought I would:
  •  Lift two babies at once
  • Successfully breastfeed two babies at once (with help and now all by myself)
  • Be extremely excited to take a shower
  • Beg to go on a car ride so I can get out of the house
  • Be able to move semi normally after my C-Section
  • Get excited at 4am because someone pooped
The most difficult things (I'm guessing) about having two babies instead of just one:
  • Trying to console two crying babies at once...nearly impossible it seems
  • Making two babies comfortable in your arms
  • Finding a balance between on demand feeding and keeping two kids on the same feeding schedule
  • Giving two babies a bath at once (I will not be doing that alone again for a long time)
  • Having to leave a baby in a swing, bouncy seat, or Boppie to take care of the other. 
  • Keeping two babies in the same outfits without one peeing or pooping through it
  • Catching two babies alert and calm at the same time for cute pictures :) 

What a life-changing month we've had over here at the Hundt House and I know it's only the beginning :)  

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