Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things I Couldn't Live Without During Pregnancy

I attribute a lot of my success both mentally and physically to certain things that I thought I would share in case it might help others.  Here is what I couldn't live without while I was pregnant:
  • My DVD player:  When you're up in the middle of the night for almost SIX MONTHS before the babies are born, you need something to occupy your time.  I rewatched so many favorite TV shows in the wee hours.  I know this helped me get onto our twins' schedule once they were born!
  • A body pillow:  I starting having trouble sleeping around 18 weeks and by the end, even switching sides of a huge ordeal.  The body pillow was the only reason I was able to sleep at all I think. 
  • Pure Protein Bars: 20 grams of protein in these bad boys! 

  • Isopure protein shakes (dutch chocolate to be exact): Put two scoops of this liquid gold with two cups of milk and presto!  66 grams of protein before eating or drinking a single other thing.  Obviously my 8lbs, 3 oz baby Nolan got most of the benefits of those shakes.  I drank them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. for the last half of the pregnancy without fail. 

  • Prayers that Avail Much: A book of prayers about all kinds of topics.  A very sweet women gave this book to my mom to give to us after her bought with infertility and her miracle baby born at 25 weeks.  My mom was her NICU nurse.  We prayed out of that book each night specifically focusing on prayers about pregnancy, children, and trust in God. 

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