Sunday, June 30, 2013

Things I Can't Live Without as a New Mom of Twins

10. Bum Genius Diapers: At the advice and convincing of my teaching partner, Josh and I have embarked on the fun exciting world of reusable diapers.  Although the cost is large up front, we have already saved money over using disposable diapers.  We have a pretty good schedule of how and when we wash and it's been super manageable!  These diapers are stupendous with tons of snaps to fit babies until they're potty trained.  These are not the old cloth diapers with pins.  I would highly recommend using them! 

9. Knowing Nurses:  Between my mom and friend Corey, I know I can call either of them and they can answer just about any question I might have.  This is invaluable for a new mom! 

8. Chicco Double Stroller:  Our stroller is how I get out of the house every day!  It fits our Chicco car seats and has great storage and cup holders too ;) 

7. Wubbanubs: These are pacifiers that have a stuffed animal attached to them.  What's nice about these is that the boys can grip them to keep them in their mouths a little better.  Our neighbors across the street have a two year old and a ten month old and they bought these for us knowing they were a good product. 

6. Grass and Flower drying system: This little guy holds any baby things that need washing.  Even Heather on the Real Housewives of Orange County has one at her house; that's how you know it's legit ;) 

5. This little supplemental system:  Apparently rarely used, this little baby helped my boys to breastfeed while also getting the formula they needed at first when I wasn't making enough milk.  This took a long time to get the hang of and made our feedings into quite a production, but I know it helped us tremendously! 

4. Lactation Consultants: At Sparrow, we had one of those in our room every single day for almost every single feeding while the twins and me were getting the hang of this very serious and very difficult thing called breastfeeding.  I had no conception of what breastfeeding would entail and absolutely NO CLUE what breastfeeding TWINS would entail.  These women are angels...truly. 

3. My Brest Friend:  This is boppy-type apparatus that is specifically designed for twins.  Now that I am exclusively feeding the twins at the same time, this is the only way it could be done.  It's large and in charge, but I would never be able to do what I do without it.  It goes everywhere with us :) 

2. Help:  My personality dictates that I rarely ask for help on anything.  I am a horrible delagator and will take on more than my fair share for the sake of doing things by myself.  Luckily, people know this.  Since I have had these two boys, we have received SO MUCH HELP and I am extremely grateful.  Between having meals brought to our house, visitors from friends and family, and the fact that our parents and siblings live in the area, we've had plenty of helping hands to go around.  I cannot say enough how amazing that has been for us not only because we are new parents, but also because we have twice the diaper changes, twice the feedings, twice the crying spells, etc.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

1. JOSHUA EARL HUNDT:  My husband is the most supportive co-parent on earth!  He helps with EVERYTHING.  He helps with every feeding, has changed countless diapers, and cleans, cooks, and does anything else he can do help our family while working full time.  Josh also has a wonderful intuition that allows him to know when I might need a break to myself since I'm home with the boys all day.  I could go on and on and on with how appreciative I am of him.  Being able to play man-to-man defense with twins is a lot more doable I can assure you ;) 

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