Monday, July 29, 2013

God is Good. Period.

Yesterday, my family was having a lovely little Sunday.  In the afternoon, Josh had gone on a long run and I was hanging out with the boys.  I fed them, changed them, read some books with them, and then snuggled with two cranky boys on the couch.  Shortly after Josh got back, I had two little angels sleeping, one on each side.  By this time, it was after noon and I was STARVING!  So as not to disturb the boys, Josh made me a bagel and cream cheese and I ate it, somehow, in between the boys on my lap.  Then this dawned on me..

I was wearing clothes from the night before (so I could get ready in a flash for church and so I didn't have to think about it), I was unshowered and un made up, and was trying to eat my lunch made for me by my dripping-in-sweat husband after his seven mile run, while two babies were drooling as they slept against each of my shoulders and I don't think I have ever been more happy and more appreciative in my whole life. 

I find that although this life of a new mom of twins is busy and often I am constantly going from moment to moment, situation to situation, there are so many times throughout the day when my heart swells so big and a smile creeps across my face reaffirming that this is not only what I had been praying for, hoping for, and trying for for almost three years, but has far exceeded any expectations I could imagine. 

Man oh man is God good.

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