Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is My Cat the Baby Whisperer?!

Our cat, Primrose, does not sleep with us much.  In fact, since the babies were born, we've only let her sleep in our bed two times.  We've been worried that she might try to jump in their bassinets or something when we are fast asleep.  Upon reflection, however, these two times could possibly coincide with two HUGE milestones in our twins' sleep patterns...

The first time she slept in bed with us was the first time the twins slept from an evening feeding of around 10pm until around 4 or 4:30am without waking up.  They have mostly been doing that ever since.  They'll have an evening feeding between 9-10:30pmish and then sleep till between 4-5:30am.  We've been extremely happy with this pattern and have been considering that a really really good night's sleep.

Last night, we let Prim sleep with us for the second time.  I am sitting here writing this at 7:18am because our boys are STILL SLEEPING!  They ate last night at 9:50pm and did not wake up all night until right this second as I hear Judah starting to stir.  Oh and by the way, Prim is still sleeping too :)

Because my body is NOT used to the thought of getting a normal night's sleep (I haven't slept anywhere near through the night since December), I have been awake since 6:00am.  I blow dried my hair and straightened it, ate breakfast in peace and quiet, and have had time to write this blog.  Maybe she will be joining us more often ;)  

Is my cat the role model for these boys and their sleep?

Is she the baby whisperer? 

Will this be another milestone in their sleep? 

Could we possibly actually get a normal night's sleep? 

Only time will tell...

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