Monday, July 8, 2013

Second Month: Reflections

The babies are two months old! WOW!

Things we Learned About Nolan Gerard Hundt:
This month, Nolan has been a lot better about trying to sooth himself, which has helped in his level of crying.  You can tell he wants to suck something on his fingers, but he's not sure what yet.  So far, he just tries to put his entire fist in his mouth.  He continues to be very animated: his emotions are strong.  The more difficult side of this is that if he is mad, he is M-A-D, but the better more positive side of this is that when he is happy, oh my gosh is he happy!  He loves to smile and smiles a ton at people!  One thing I could do without is that if he gets very upset, he will hold his breath and little when he cries.  My sister Laura used to do that and I remember her turning blue even so I'm not happy to be seeing this behavior.  It freaks Josh and I both out. Luckily, it is short, but still, no thanks!   

Nolan is very happy and content in the morning.  He will smile and smile and smile.  He's experimenting with doing some babbling and making noises when he is happy that could turn into an amazing baby laugh some day. 

During tummy time, Nolan is usually pretty fussy.  However, we did squeak out another roll from him last week.  He more scoots and scoots, sometimes turning himself into a fully circle.  He is more interactive with toys and loves our rain forest theme baby gym.  He swats at many of the toys and kicks the side and mirror often. 

Nolan does not like change much.  If he gets moved from one place to another or gets passed from one person to another, he will flip out for a second before calming down.  He scares easy.  He loves, loves to be held or feel swaddled or squeezed into a tight space, which is exactly what he was like when I was pregnant...staying scrunched and staying put. 

In the morning, when I was trying to squeeze out one more longer sleep time from around 5:30-9:00ish, Nolan will sleep some of that alone in his bassinet, but always awakes by 8 to have some one-on-one snuggle time with me ;) 

Things we Learned About Judah Matthew Hundt:
Judah has really stepped into his own during this last month.  He has grown a lot and looks much closer in size to Nolan.  He has also found a stronger voice.  He many times drives the feeding and will wake up first to let us know he's hungry with his brother falling in after.  He is incredibly savvy at being able to hold on to his pacifier and swats and objects like the toys in the rainforest gym. 

Judah loves to snuggle his brother.  When they are lying next to each other, Judah will try and put his head on Nolan's shoulder or try and lean over towards him.  Sometimes this is okay with Nolan, other times he will try and swat him away.  I feel like that must've been how it was when I was pregnant too; Judah trying to get comfortable by his brother, Nolan more wanting to be left alone so he can stay put.  That's probably part of the reason why Judah moved around so much in my uterus! 

He continues to need to be moving at all times. He does not like to feel super confined and needs to be positioned in a way that he can stretch out.  Again, this is a behavior he had while I was pregnant too.  He will scoot down his bassinet until he is at the bottom of it during the night, continues to do lots of rolling over during tummy time, and kicks and kicks and kicks whenever he is laying down.  He also loves to find crevices and try and get into them like between couch cushions for example, which is cute, but not cool :) 

Judah loves to smile too, but he smiles at a lot more objects than Nolan does.  He will smile at this Winnie the Pooh frame we have in their room or at the fan or toys in their play gym.  He has found his tongue lately and constantly wants to stick it out or move it from one side to the other.   

Some Firsts:
  • Both boys doing their morning smiles (6-10)
  • Meeting my students at field day (6-11)
  • Nolan starts wearing reusable diapers (6-12)
  • First outing with just me and the boys (6-12)
  • Caught smiling on video camera (6-21)
  • Josh and I were in a wedding and were not with the boys for 12 hours!! (6-22)
  • Caught Judah rolling over on camera...finally! (6-24)
  • First trip shopping (7-4)
  • First Lake trip: Lake Lansing (7-6)
  • First trip to church as a family (7-7)
  • First time having the boys be separated:  Josh was with Nolan for a few hours to run some errands and I took Judah to Corey's to watch the bachelorette (7-7)
  • Judah starting to wear reusable diapers (7-7)
Twin Moments:
  • Holding hands
  • Sneezing at the EXACT same time
  • Making each other smile
  • Nolan, while sitting on my legs, reached down to hold hands with Judah who was laying on the couch next to us

Reflections About Being a Mom
This month I feel as though I've got my bearings a bit better with being a mom and being a mom of twins.  One of my biggest accomplishments this month is feeling like I can go out and be with the human race with Nolan and Judah.  Although I leave myself about 90 minutes to get everyone ready and everything packed up...I can do it!  I also feel extremely proud that I have gotten to the point where the boys are exclusively breastfeeding and feeding together at the exact same time.  We do give them a little bottle in the middle of the night more to keep them used to bottles and hopefully to get them to sleep a little longer by making their tummies a little fuller, but they don't necessarily need it.  Finally, I feel as though we've got a good routine going with stroller rides, tummy time, story time, baths, play time, etc.  They sure do keep me busy, but it's absolutely amazing.  I never knew I could enjoy those activities so so much; they never get old or boring or mundane.  I look forward to every book we open and read together, every bath is precious, every snuggle time priceless. 

One of my favorite things about the stage the boys are in now is their smiles.  No matter how cranky they can get, one smile erases it all.  Every last one melts my heart every single time. 

I find myself, because of my personality, always trying to "figure them out."  I yearn for them to be on a complete schedule that I can know and predict.  I want to know when they will sleep a long time and when they will sleep for ten minutes.  Josh and I are constantly analyzing their activities and behaviors and I find myself never, for lack of a better word, satisfied.  If they eat too much, I fret.  If they go a long stretch without needing to eat, I fret.  If they seem too tired (whatever that means), I fret.  If they don't sleep "enough," I fret.  You get the idea. 

Before you judge me too harshly, I know all this thinking and over analyzing and worrying is complete and total crap.  I know I will never be able to fully predict my children's behaviors.  I understand that once I feel like I'm getting used to a stage in their lives, another will present itself that will be completely different from the last.  I do have a good grip on reality, I just choose to ignore it and be crazy anyway :)  I can't help myself!

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