Sunday, September 15, 2013

Multi-tasking on a whole new level

Hello loyal readers,
Today I am coming to you from inside my Saturn Vue.  I am currently on my way home from my parents' cottage.  I am sitting in between two crying babies.  Judah, on my right, has been crying nonstop for almost two hours.  Nolan decided to join him about thirty minutes ago.  While hearing crying in full stereo surround sound, I accomplished all these things:
1. Entered 60 scores into AIMSweb from a math screener my students took
2. Ate dinner
3. Checked and responded to emails
4. Had three text conversations
5. Fed two babies a small bottle snack in hopes to alleviate crying (it did not)
6. keep my finger on a pacifier in Judah's mouth in hopes to alleviate crying (it did not)
7. Have a conversation with Josh about what the most important things we want to find in the next house we will purchase several years from now
8. Surf around facebook
9.  Play with several toys in hopes to alleviate crying (it did not)
10. Write this blog.

I always thought I was good at multi-tasking, but having twins puts the art of multi-tasking to an entirely new level.  It is amazing what I can accomplish during the shortest of naps, the smallest times when both boys are occupied, the tiniest of windows when I am hands free, and even during a seemingly mundane drive with two crying boys with stuffy noses on either side of me.


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