Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Carter: 18 Months

Okay so in full disclosure Carter turned 18 months in November and it is January. #needtowritemore

Parenting a second, third, fourth, etc child is so very different than your first child (or in my case, children)...

On one hand, I am able to slow down and enjoy with Carter differently because I know what to expect or what to anticipate so I can soak in moments better.  On the other hand, it is so freaking busy with three kids, it really felt like I blinked and he was already eighteen months old (which is probably why I am just writing this blog now).

On one hand, Carter has had many experiences before his brothers did- I'm not as scared and I have a better idea of what he CAN do so we try learning activities earlier and take trips to places sooner.  It's incredible the toys he plays with that we would've never had in our house when Nolan and Judah were eighteen months old because they weren't "age appropriate."  It's wild how much quicker he can pretend play because he watches his brothers.  And it's truly insane the amount of things he wants to do and wants to try even though he's.not.ready.  On the other hand, I can sometimes forget what I should be working on with him.  At his eighteen month appointment with the pediatrician, the nurse asked me if he could point to any of his body parts.  Ooops.  We went immediately home to practice those.

On one hand, I am more confident mother- I've been through this before, I know what I'm talking about! On the other hand, I forget that he's little and younger than his brothers sometimes. I find myself having to take a step back because I can expect more from Carter than he should be ready to give me.  I shouldn't get frustrated on Christmas Day when he just can't seem to deal- I've just expected him to participate fully in three Christmases before lunchtime. That's a lot for an eighteen month old!

Anyway, Carter Bing Bong is incredible; he just amazes me on the daily. This stage he's in is one of my favorites!  It's the full explosion of vocabulary.  I mean this with all truth when I say that Carter seems to say a new word every day!

He loves animals- all kinds and LOVES to talk about the sounds they make.
He loves cars, boats, and all things that go
He loves to go... go go go go go
He loves tools especially if they make noise.
He loves books (ooook) and he loves being able to pick out which ones we read.
He loves drinking water.  Like really, this kid is obsessed.
He loves to move chairs around the house and climb on things.  He incessantly takes our breakfast nook chairs to push them towards our command center to grab iPads or cell phones or towards the sink to "help" with dishes or towards the fridge to open it and ask for water or towards the light switch to let them go "on" and "off."
He loves climbing up and down stairs. 
He loves light switches... a lot. Usually they are up too high, which allows him to be risky, which is also something he loves (and I don't).
He loves baths (as long as there is at least a tiny bit of water coming out of the facet the whole time.  If not, watch out. Peaceful bath time OVER. 
He loves, most of all, to do whatever his brothers are doing.  

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