Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nolan and Judah: 3.5 Years

When I first titled this blog, I put 2.5 years instead of 3.5 years- seriously! Where does the time go?!?!

These two, wow.  It's been such an incredible few months for them!

Nolan has worked hard to get into the groove of preschool.  Change is hard for him and he loves nothing more than to be home with his family, every single member.  Once he arrives in the classroom, he truly does find joy there and is learning a lot!  Starting and after breaks are challenging- he is totally that kid that grabs onto your legs, cries, and doesn't want to let go.  It's heartbreaking and heartfilling all at the same time. You want your kids to WANT to be with you and spend time with you and he does.  That's beautiful. You also want them to love school.  Thankfully, he does that too.  

Josh and I decided the other day that Nolan is a lot like a parent of a teenager- he wants to know where you're going, who you're going with, and when you're going to be home.  He calls after you to drive safely.  He also doesn't fully go to sleep unless everyone in his house is home and safe.  On two occasions recently, he got up late into the night being sad that we weren't home yet (on New Year's Eve) or trying to remember if we had each checked in with him to say goodnight.  There is a literal sigh of relief from him when everyone has been accounted for. 

His memory is impeccable and he still loves books more than most things.  When he's not reading, he loves to play with cars, trucks, and anything that contains small and millions of pieces ;)  He's still way into building stuff too- with big Duplos, with Magnatiles, or building forts. His recent obsession lately is to put things into reusable grocery bags and have picnics or play "bank" where you would buy stuff from his store.  He's been organizing things and putting items into piles, particularly books.  Nolan likes to put on "presentations" and concerts (so does Judah). He also wants to spell everything... like everything.     

We've been working with him on identifying feelings and calming him self down when he gets too worried or too wound up.  We do yoga at night sometimes and have been practicing deep breathing.  

He is insightful and reflective.  Before Halloween he said, "I'm not sure I want to be an astronaut for Halloween.  I just want to be myself." Listening to him pray for others is... I have no words... it's everything. 

Judah has really come into his own over the last few months.  He's been going to a speech therapist since the middle of the summer to work on his articulation- his confidence, willingness to try, and vocabulary have skyrocketed.  Speech has also given him something to do that's just for him and taught him to play all kinds of games that he then goes home and teaches Nolan.  Several of our Christmas presents were games he plays at speech. Watching him teach others is awesome!   

We know Judah is such a leader and his preschool teachers acknowledged it too.  He has been brave about school since day one and truly loves to go there.  He is always excited, which I love.  

Judah, too, continues to love reading and love cars, and trucks and things that go.  He also is really into cooking and baking and continues to be my #1 sous chef.  He loves to organize things, and play pretend with Little People toys, phones, or stuffed animals.  He also is obsessed with spelling everything.  The kid is a freaking ninja also.  One minute he'll be right next to you, the next he'll be off exploring. He has to see the world, touch the world, experience the world. That is really awesome and also a little challenging (like when we're out in public and he wants to flee).  He loves to dance and sing and put on concerts just like Nolan.

Sports has been something Judah has been into lately.  He likes to watch, play, and talk about all kinds.  Using tools to fix things has been something new he's been experimenting with.  He will walk around with his tool box and look for things to screw in or hammer or measure.   

Judah is a great goal setter and goal achiever. If you challenge him with something, he wants to meet expectations and often exceed them. This has been great when we've done things like potty training... he absolutely wants to kick butt at whatever he does.  This has fostered a great sense of independence for him.  HE wants to do whatever is being asked without help or support at first.  HE wants to try it on his own.    

Sometimes, when I'm in watching them play together, I hold my breath not wanting to alter or disturb a single thing.  They love, respect, and support each other SO much right now. I know that may not always be. I will and hope and pray these moments last as long as possible.

They truly do NEED each other- they need to see each other the second they wake up, they need to know where the other one is at all times, they need to sit near each other, check in with each other, and help each other if someone is sad or having a hard day.  Tears are shed, by both parties, if they are separated for any length of time.  

Their bond is very special- not just the brother bond, but certainly a twin one.  It's magnificent to witness or be in the presence of...truly. 

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