Sunday, January 22, 2017

Completing Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge & My Non-Bikini Body Bod

Today, January 22nd, 2017- I completed The Bikini Body Mommy 90 Challenge 5.0. 

If you are unfamiliar with Bikini Body Mommy, she is a mom of four, who posts workout videos on YouTube.  She is a real mom, who is working out, trying to stay healthy and fit in real time.  I love her because she isn't the body builder, muscle women who is clearly not even phased by the workouts on my DVD player as I keel over in pain doing them in my living room.  

She's real.  

She falls over, she has to stop every once in a while, she struggles, even lets out a swear word or two and I love it.  

I've been following her for several years, ever since I caught wind of her challenge as she was trying to lose weight after having a miscarriage.  She has whipped me into shape once before (in early 2014 getting ready for a spring break trip to St. Augustine) and I knew she could do it again as I prepared to stand up at my sister's wedding in Cancun Mexico in February.

I began the challenge in July and am have just finished day 90 today. You can do that math there to know that was MUCH longer than 90 days.  I like being in shape and all, but working out is not my highest priority and I'm at peace with that.  I sprinkle these workouts in between some other ones I do and running.  I also sprinkle them in between my job, grading, lesson planning, housework, blogging, reading, spending time with my husband and, oh I don't know, RAISING THREE BOYS.

So here I be... in January... done.  

Will I be packing a bikini as I plan for Cancun you ask?  Um no.  My body has never really been a bikini body... ever.  One set of twins and one ten pound baby later, it still isn't.... what a shock ;)

I have always struggled a bit with my weight and my extreme love for emotional eating.  The kind of emotional eating where any emotion makes me want to eat.  Feeling happy after getting a raise?! Let's eat! Had a terrible day?! Let's eat!  Celebrating a birthday?! Let's eat!  Feeling anxious about an upcoming presentation?! Well you get the picture.  

As I get older, I am already seeing how much harder it is to bounce back from a time of gaining a bit of weight.  Even the difference between losing my pregnancy weight with the twins compared to losing it after Carter has been different and longer and harder.  

I am not where I want to be... yet.

What I can say after this 90 day challenge...

I am more toned, weigh a little less, and am stronger than I think I've ever been.

I have set a good example to all the boys in my life that being healthy, active, and fit are important.  My boys heard me yell at the TV when I didn't think I could give it any more.  I've sweat and limped around the house countless times on countless days.  My guys witnessed the tears I've cried like on day 1 as I felt so incredibly disappointed at how out of shape I was and how little I could do.  They've also seen victories as I've beaten previous fit test scores or being able to use 12.5lb weights during recent workouts (when I started, I used 3lb ones).  Nolan, Judah, Carter, and Josh have also worked out beside me- doing jumping jacks and push ups, downward facing dog and child's pose, burpies and Irish Gigs and clapping when I finished.  

I persevered and finished something from beginning to end. 

Most importantly, during this 90 day challenge that took more than 90 days, I took the time. I often put myself last- I know so many of you do too.  Taking time for myself makes me happier, more patient, kinder, and more well-rounded with higher self-esteem.  I AM A PRIORITY.  I know this, I do, but my actions don't always match this truth.

I AM A PRIORITY- That's my take-a-way.  Not if the scale tells me what I wish it would.  Not if I can walk around in clothes that used to fit me before I had kids.  Not if I have the will-power to say no to food I shouldn't it.  And not if I can walk around with my sisters in cute bikinis on the beach in Cancun in 10 days.  I matter.  Taking care of myself matters.      

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