Thursday, June 21, 2012

I See Pregnant People

I need to share with all you readers that I have a sixth sense.

I have been ridiculously accurate at predicting when someone is pregnant.  I'm not talking about seeing someone at a mall with a baby bump and turning to Josh saying, "hmm, I bet she's pregnant."  I'm talking about knowing someone is pregnant before they tell me or anyone and maybe even before they know themselves. 

Cue the creepy Twilight Zone-type music. 

Josh is really the only one privy to my gift that can vouch for me because he's the one I always say, "she's pregnant, I know it!" to.

I think I may be uber in tune to what's going on around me over the last six months to a year.  I notice whether or not people are drinking, I pick up on little cues coming out of people's mouths about babies and timelines and small changes in behavior. I notice if people are talking about eating or being tired or even omitting certain subjects from emails and conversations. 

I have been on fire with this lately. At first, when I would tell Josh I knew someone was pregnant, he would tell me I was wrong usually in the form of  "no way", but he's had to hear a lot of "I told you so"s lately so now I think he knows I'm on to something.

It's important that I mention here that when I do find out about pregnancies, my joy for you is real and genuine with no hard feelings.  As I've been on this path with infertility, one of my greatest accomplishments is being able to grow in the way I deal with the news of a pregnancy.  I have matured enough to be able to distinguish that the fact that you being pregnant is completely and totally unrelated to the fact that I am not.  Each person's own journey to parenthood is individual.   My biggest fear in being honest about what I'm going through is that people will feel sorry for me, worry about me, or love me too much and think that it'd be best not to tell me when they're expecting.  This is, in fact, the exact opposite of how I'd like to be treated even though I understand those feelings are only coming from a place of love.  I'm not perfect; I make mistakes and have had my fair share of set backs and digressions in my "enlightened" way of thinking, but I'm always working on it and always trying to improve.  No matter how long it takes me to become a parent, let me share in your joy because if anyone knows what a miracle this all is, it's me :)  

So the morale of this story is if you're pregnant and haven't told me yet, I probably already know ;)  hahaha

I hope this teaches, heals, and connects. 

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  1. The week that my mother found out she was pregnant with me, she and my father were invited over for dinner by a couple who was struggling with infertility. They planned not to bring up the subject.

    My mother said that the woman asked, "Would you like some wine?" My mother said no. Her second question was, "Would you like some Diet Coke?" My mother said no (this was in the early '80s when my parents were still skeptical of NutriSweet). And the woman's third question was "Are you pregnant?"

    She was so keenly attuned to the subject of pregnancy that the thought arose in her head when it probably would not have occurred to most people. It sounds like you've developed a similar super-power.