Friday, June 22, 2012

Our 'Oasis' Area

This spring Josh and I wanted to do something to our backyard to add a little pizazz and beauty to it.  We also had been looking for a way to honor our two lost babies as well; something that would be in their memory forever.  After much thinking, we decided to spiff up the area by our deck and create a garden that could honor our babies while also looking beautiful.  It was important to us that we did this work on our own and developed the concept together so it was really truly our doing.  Someday, I'll look forward to taking my kids out here and telling them the story of how this garden came to be and about their two siblings who are in heaven.  Here is the journey...

Before: The future Oasis

Before: Future garden site


Before: A place we've tried to grow flowers,
but it gets flooded easily and just likes to grow weeds!


Middle: Garden area all dug out

Middle: Make area that will have rocks

Middle: Rocks done!

Middle: Flowers bought

End: Eating area (really the only thing that's new here is our place mats ;)

After: Fire Pit! We promised each other
we would use this a lot this year because
 we didn't last year.

After: Water fountain and rocks

End: Garden!  The two spiral trees on each side are for our two miscarriages.   Josh suggested that we get pine-type trees because they don't die in the winter so we could have trees that represented our babies all year round; smart guy that Josh :) 
We will never forget Baby Champ and Baby Poggie

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