Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Highlights: February 2013

February 2013: Weeks 25-28
Here are some highlights from the month of February...

Monday February 4th: Discuss future (24 weeks, 6 days)
I finally discussed maternity leave plans out loud with people other than Josh.  I beat my signed deadline on this (thank you very much!) and it felt good to start to get plans into motion.  I knew that I would definitely be off of work by May 1stish (I'd be 37 weeks then), but put it out there that it could be as early as spring break (34ish weeks) depending on how I was doing.  Research shows that about 50% of twins are born between 34 and 36 weeks so I needed to be smart with my planning ahead. 

Saturday February 9th: Hiccups! (25 weeks, 4 days)
Josh's cousin Alesa is also having twins.  She's due in early April.  It was so nice to go to her baby shower and see some of the things she was getting and had registered for since Josh and I hadn't even begun to think about doing that (let's be serious here, that is completely and totally my fault....too early to plan those things...too scared....too superstitious).  Anyway, during the shower Alesa was talking about how much she can feel her babies hiccup.  I had not felt my twins do that yet.  After the conversation was over, I begun to feel what felt like a little kick, but in rhythm.  I was describing it to the people around me, including Alesa and my mother in law and sure enough, they believed I was feeling hiccups!  They were precious!!!!  How funny that we had just talked about that.  Josh's mom also got to feel the babies kick for the first time :) 

Saturday and Sunday February 16th and 17th: Cottage (26 weeks, 4 and 5 days)
Josh and I have not been doing much traveling since I've been pregnant.  It seemed to risky and scary to be somewhere not near a hospital.  Basically the farthest we've went was Ann Arbor for my birthday in September.  We were minutes away from my fertility doctor's office and minutes away from the U  of M hospital so that was an acceptable trip.  To think about being in the middle of nowhere in Canada, 45 minutes away from the United States was a whole other ballgame.  However, after much thinking, I decided we could do it. 

We went to the cottage with  my dad.  While up there, there were more hiccups again and my dad got to feel the babies kick.  It was a great and relaxing trip that was much needed. 

Tuesday February 26th: 28 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hhhhheeeelllllllllllloooo Third Trimester!

I won't ramble too much about what a huge deal this is, but wow. There were so many time throughout this infertility struggle where I never thought I would make it to this point. I wish there were more words to describe the overwhelming feeling of gratitude, but I am beyond thankful. 
This entire pregnancy, 28 weeks has always seemed like a magical number for me.  Since my mom is a nurse in the NICU, she and I have had many conversations on what is developed at what weeks, what percentage of babies live at which weeks, etc.  My mom continued to refer to 28 weeks as the time where the babies WILL go home with me.  Granted they would be in the NICU for a while and would have a lot of hurdles to over come, but the thought that if something went wrong and they needed to come out, they could still come home with  me in the end is extremely reassuring for someone like me.  I am constantly waiting for my body to do something wrong.  It has not cooperated enough times with fertility related issues that I just don't trust it.  On this day, my prayers were full of praise and many tears of joy were flowing.

I knew that maybe, just maybe, I could let myself start planning for these babies...just a little bit :)   

Keep hoping, Keep praying

Almost 25 weeks!

New trimester, New shirt! :)


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