Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Highlights: January 2013

January 2013:  Weeks 21-24
As  I continue to get behind on what I'm posting, I thought I would roll things together by month and reflect on the highlights of that month during the pregnancy. 

Thursday January 10th:  My Dad's B-day (21 weeks, 2 days)
While we were over at my parent's house having cake and ice cream, my mom and my youngest sister Rachel got to feel the babies kick! 

Sunday January 13th: THE FALL (21 weeks, 5 days)
Josh and I were having a conversation as I began to make my way down our basement stairs.  Apparently, I was focused too much on what we were talking about and not enough of paying attention to my walking and I tripped and fell down some of the stairs.  My ENTIRE focus as I felt like I was falling in slow motion, was to land on anything but my abdomen region.  I grabbed the railing right away and used my arms to try to lift up my butt in hopes to lesson the fall to my back.  Luckily, I fell on the backs of my legs instead.  Josh watched the whole thing and was by my side in an instant.

Tears came and came and came.  It is crazy how easy it is to feel like a failure of a mother even though these twins haven't even been born.  How could I possible be more wrapped up in a conversation than where I'm walking? How could I be so completely stupid as to not hold on to a railing when walking down stairs?  What if I hurt the babies? I could not stop sobbing for a very long time and refused to get up until I had felt some movement from the babies.  All appeared to be normal and it really was a soft fall in comparison to what could have been.  Thankfully, after speaking with the doctor, they said I could come in Monday and check heartbeats just to make sure all was well. 

Monday January 14th: After THE FALL (21 weeks, 6 days)
Doctor's appointment went well...both babies were accounted for and their heartbeats were in a good place.... Baby A = 155, Baby B = 129
Thank you, thank you thank you! 

Thursday January 17th: Coldplay (22 weeks, 2 days)
Driving home from school I listened to Coldplay.  The babies kicked me the entire way home.  Maybe they will have phenomenal taste in music like their mama ;) 

Sunday January 20th: More kicking (22 weeks, 5 days)
My mom, my sister Colleen, and sister Rachel got to feel babies kick! 

Friday January 25th: Doctor's Appointment (23 weeks, 3 days)
Josh was able to score us another ultrasound (he's so good) while I was in the bathroom. Although we got no pictures to take home that day, it was amazing to see the babies as it always is.  We continue to be in awe at how big they look and fall more and more in love every time we see them. 
Baby A= Heartbeat of 169, head down
Baby B= Heartbeat of 153, transverse
Babies were in an L shape :)

Monday January 28th: Dream (23 weeks, 6 days)
I had my very first dream about our twins.  In my recent dreams, I have been pregnant during the dream, but have gotten no data as to what these twins might be.  In this dream, I delivered a boy and a girl.  Baby A was a girl and came out right away.  Baby B took a little longer and was trying to squirm around and stay in.  That baby was a boy.  Both babies were over 7lbs!  We'll have to see if I end up being right!

Keep hoping...Keep praying...

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