Friday, April 26, 2013

The Cry-Baby of Birthing Class

March 9th: Birthing Classes Start (29 weeks, 4 days)
The birthing class that worked best with our schedule was one through Sparrow's Expectant Parents Organization. We were going to have class for 2.5 hours for three Saturdays in a row. We were there with about 8 other couples. On our name tags were our names and due dates. As we looked around, we noticed the due dates ranged from mid April until June. Our due date of May 21st seemed to be nicely sandwiched in the middle, which made me feel good since many of the things we are doing are a little more 'last minute' than most 'normal' expectant parents.

Our instructor welcomed us and gave us our first task to get to know each other: We were to tell our due date and if we knew what we were having. Then the moms were to say what has been the most scary part of pregnancy and the dads were to say what has been the most exciting. Josh immediately stared at me with a look that said, "How in the world are you going to answer that question?!" I thought the same thing. 

As she went from one couple to the other, the moms continued to share that the scariest part of pregnancy is the thought of labor pains. They are so NOT on my level of crazy, I found myself thinking. I haven't even allowed myself to think about labor and birth for goodness sakes.  The dads kept sharing that they were most excited to be dads or that they have enjoyed watching their parents get excited about being grandparents. 

Finally, it got to Josh and I. My response was something like this "I'm Kristin and this is my husband Josh.  We are having twins, we don't know if they are girls or boys, and our due date is May 21st.  We have had a long and difficult road to get to this place so I would say that the scariest part of pregnancy for  me was everything especially in the beginning few months."  I left it at that and felt satisfied.  Josh spoke next and shared something like, "The most exciting thing for me is thinking about Kristin and what a great mom she's going to be." 

Okay.  First of all, my husband is AMAZING.  That goes without saying.  Second, we have been in class for about 10 minutes and already I am crying.

As soon as I compose myself we watch a video about preterm labor.  In this, we see a family who have a baby born born in the early 30 weeks.  The baby, who ends up healthy and great, is strapped up to all these monitors and is hooked up to a vent.  Here the tears come again.  I look around and no one else is crying.

Next, we actually watch a baby being born.  I am now not crying anymore but full out sobbing.

I am emotional anyway (thanks Mom), but being overwhelmed with gratitude at even sitting in this class is more than I can handle.  There are so many milestones in pregnancy, like this one, that I thought I may never reach.  All of these little things are SUCH a big deal to me. 

Maybe next week I can keep it together, but if not, oh well :) 

Keep hoping... keep praying...

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