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September 10th, 2012
So after much debate, worrying, and over analyzing, I decided to take my pregnancy test a day early.  Well really, in all honesty, about 12 hours early.  I knew myself well enough to know that I wouldn't sleep and would end up getting up tine middle of the night to take it either way. 

My friend Corey gave me the last friendly shove I needed as I was leaving school so I stopped at CVS, and went home to do what you do when you take a pregnancy test.  Josh was on his way home. 

He walked in to me on the toilet showing him the test...




Each time I've been pregnant, my reaction has a little different, but there's one thing all three of them have in common...tears and lots of them. 

I felt like I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn't stand it.  I was elated and terrified, joyful and nervous.  People want to already plan and scheme and dream, but my mind kept telling me that the bad news was only around the corner.  As sick as that is, statistically, that is true for me. 

I took another test and then another later and rushed to Sparrow at 6am the next morning to get my levels drawn.

Here's the breakdown so far...

September 11th: 548.8 Beta, 18.5 Progesterone (my biggest numbers yet to start...fingers crossed, fingers crossed...)
September 13th: 1,696.9 Beta, over 60 Progesterone (I was on a supplement by that point for progesterone)
September 15th: 3,968.5 Beta
September 17th: 7,818.8 Beta
September 19th: 16,487.0 Beta

On the days I wasn't getting my levels drawn, I was taking pregnancy tests..all positive!

Keep praying, keep hoping...

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