Friday, January 11, 2013

Strong Words from my Acupuncturist

September 4, 2012
So over the past two years, I have continued to realize the importance of words and word choice.  So many people have said offensive things to me about baby issues during this journey.  I know they haven't meant to be offensive or pushy or insensitive because they had no idea what was going on with me. 

I know that I've said things over the past 29 years that were offensive or pushy or insensitive because I've not known better also. 

There are so many things I will never think or say about anyone on the subject of baby making now that I'm more 'in the know'. 

I want to share something my acupuncturist said to me...

I had told her that I had an IUI on August 28th and would be able to take a pregnancy test in one week.

I was laying on the table about to get needled and she was taking my pulse.  She had the AUDACITY to utter these words.."ooooo, I think you're pregnant"

My initial reaction was to slap her across the face.  I'm sorry, you don't tell someone who's been trying to have a baby for two years that you think they're pregnant.  Many of us don't want false hope, don't want false excitement since we're used to bad news.  How on God's green earth could she tell I was pregnant by taking my pulse!?!?!!

Instead of slapping her, I inquired further as to what she meant.  She explained to me that when you first get pregnant, there is a stronger pulse somehow as you body is sending a lot of blood and nutrients down to that region of your body. She said she couldn't guarantee this pregnancy would stick, but she was pretty sure I at least had an egg and sperm fertilize.  "Maybe a chemical pregnancy if nothing else," she said. 

I told myself not to listen, told myself she was full of crap, but that little tiny candle that is my hope was flickering deep deep down, even if it was very little.  I hope she's right that little flicker whispered ever so slightly to me. 

We'll see.....truly only time will tell. 

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