Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You Lying Down?

September 27th: 6 weeks and 3 days...
Because of my bleeding Monday, our first ultrasound at Lansing OBGYN got moved up.  Although I don't like the reason, this was completely okay with me, as I would prefer to be seen by a doctor every single day during pregnancy!

Thankfully, I was not bleeding anymore.  After Mondays episode, the bleeding continued to slow down to a hault and quickly. 

In the waiting room, I could not have been more nervous or terrified.  I couldn't concentrate on the book I brought and was on the edge of tears/breakdown the entire wait. 

As I layed down on the ultrasound table, I noticed right away that the monitor was turned AWAY from Josh and I.  I was so not cool with that.  Don't get me wrong, I know why they do that...in case the news is bad, they don't want you to see it first.  I am not what people would call a normal pregnancy case..hello?!  I can read ultrasounds in my sleep, I've had hundreds by now.  I'm much more comfortable with the 'shoot it to  me straight' model, which is mostly how Ann Abor does things.  They have never hid a screen from me, no matter what the circumstance.  I was not happy with Lansing OBGYN at that moment.

So here I am, panicked, worried, expecting the worst as the ultrasound tech fishes around inside of me.  

Words escape her lips "Are You Lying Down?"

My initial answer was going to be "DUH!" My intial thought was, okay, here comes the bad news...

She turned the screen to us and said, "THERE'S TWO BABIES!!!!!"


I looked for myself and sure enough...there were two little 6 week old gray spots on the screen...in their own little houses inside my uterus.  I had so many emotions at that point: shock (even know this is not out of the relm of possibilities given the medicine I was taking), excitement, fear (that always has to be in there with me), and above all....gratititude, appreciation, thankfulness, lucky.  Everything was okay, in fact, twice okay.

Josh was not surprised at all.  He said he'd been having a feeling there were two all along :)

We got to take a pictures home with us of our babIES.  I could not stop crying.  Thank. You. God.  

Our babies first picture :)

Baby A: Heartbeat of 125

Baby B: Heartbeat of 129

Keep praying....keep hoping... 

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